12th Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing Use Rich Snippets

Use rich snippets to help stand out from the crowd in search engine results. Make your website and more importantly your products stand out from competitors this Christmas.

11th Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing Upsell and Cross Sell

Remember to upsell and cross-sell during this festive season. Additional services such as gift wrapping, speedy delivery, and loyalty points will all help bring in more revenue both now and in the future.

10th Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing Think Socially

Consider utilising social media marketing to encourage present idea sharing. The perfect way to spread the word at Christmas.

9th Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing Use Press Releases

How to use press releases effectively during the Christmas season, to help ecommerce retailers

8th Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing Tips Manage Delivery Expectations

Managing customer expectations regarding correct delivery times will be essential for last minute Christmas shoppers

7th Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing – display your delivery details

Don’t hide your delivery costs. Managing customer expectations regarding delivery during this festive season will be what separates you from others.

6th Day of Pre Christmas Marketing Display your returns policy

Returns are a likely activity after the festive season. But outlining them clearly now, will help increase your online sales.

3rd Day of Pre-Christmas – using Google Analytics

Knowing which of your products bring in the bulk of your profit is vital to commercial success. With the use of Google Analytics you can identify your key items and market accordingly.

2nd Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing Email Campaigns

Our second topic for our “12 Days of Pre-Christmas Marketing” looks at the cost effective method of increasing retention sales, through the use of email marketing to your existing customer base.

1st Day of Pre-Christmas: Prepare your PPC

The first instalment of our “12 Days of Pre-Christmas Marketing” sees us focusing on your PPC campaigns for that added tactical advantage.

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