On the first day of Christmas, the Whitefish Team gave me – some tips on PPC…

Welcome to day one of our special 12 days of Christmas feature; a series of micro-blogs with nuggets of marketing advice for all your digital needs.

To kick things off, we are looking at PPC and how to make a quick success of this.

Understanding the basics of PPC takes some time and patience, but once you understand it, it can be a fruitful marketing avenue.

PPC allows you to target in real-time, certain user groups, who are searching for something specific. You have control over the campaign spend and it produces accurate, qualitive data that you can use to hone your campaign results.

Getting it right initially is important. Your ad position is determined by your ad rank. This is a score that’s based on things like your bid price, ad relevance and landing page experience.

If you have campaigns already running that have a low ad position, you can improve this by increasing your bid, improving the quality of your ads and the quality of your landing page experience.

Increasing your bid price alone is ineffective if your ads and landing page experience need work. The key is relevance. So, think about nailing relevance between keyword, ads and landing page and then bidding on what you can afford.

Tomorrow we will be looking at localised SEO.

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