Driving More Conversions to your Webpages

What do you think drives a good conversion from your website’s pages? Great content? A user-friendly design? Clear CTAs? Well, actually all three are important. But there’s one thing missing that is often overlooked, and that’s on brand content.

What is On Brand Content?

On brand content, in a nutshell, is about conveying your brand’s persona through your online content. Anybody can undertake content creation that’s information, engaging and keyword driven, but if it lack’s your brand’s personality, you could be missing a trick with conversions.

It’s back to the age-old point that driving traffic through good SEO and other channels is only half the battle. You can write outstanding content to rank well and drive click through, but what really matters is how users behave once they get there.

How Does On Brand Content Help Conversions?

Because people need to connect with you to buy from you. It’s about trust; instilling confidence in your audience and getting them to warm to you.

Face-to-face – in a shop, a retail company might play music that resonates with their brand. They might offer you some personal assistance, chatting to you in a style that reflects their brand. They might dress to convey their brand’s personality. They might adorn manakins with the best products their brand has to offer. In a word, they seduce you with their persona before you even walk through the door.

Online, it’s more difficult to connect with your audience. The digital age makes things much more impersonal and you have to work even harder to seduce your audience. If your brand persona doesn’t come through, they simply click back to the search results page – the same as a customer walking back out of a shop door and carrying on to the next shop.

How to Write On Brand Copy

Whether you’re an established business with clear messaging, or a start-up that’s still defining this, it’s good to have an overhaul of your content or proposed content. Conducting a content audit and defining a content marketing strategy helps to get your messaging into your copy. You may know your brand’s messaging, but is that clear on your website? You’d be surprised at how many businesses fall into that trap.

Defining Your Messaging

Without wanting to tell you to suck eggs here, there are a few handy tips on what to consider when creating your messaging:

  1. What makes you unique as a brand – particularly over your competitors?
  2. What does your product/service do to solve a client need?
  3. Who is your desired target audience and what tone language style would appeal to them?
  4. What do you want your website to do? Drive sales? Get sign ups? Encourage people to get in touch?


When you have established your brand’s messaging, write each piece of branded content carefully and make it visible on your key pages. Ensure the copy is varied from page-to-page and not duplicated. Use images that showcase your brand’s personality and offer additional perks (like the shop assistant who chats to you) – whether this be chat support, a FREE tool, useful information to download. And of course, don’t underestimate the importance of blogging, to showcase your personality further.

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