On the sixth day of Christmas, the Whitefish Team gave me –a reason for why I should blog

Blogging may be an utter ball ache for most businesses, but it’s an activity that pays off for those who put in the effort. It’s also hugely helpful to SEO.

Blogs help businesses to build their brand, their traffic and their online reputation. They are a way of showing authority in your particular industry and they are a means of encouraging engagement. All of this assists your SEO performance.

Every time you blog, you are creating fresh content, which counts as a new page on your site. This shows you as an active, growing business.

The content you create in your blogs can be shared across your social media profiles to your followers. If your content is compelling, people may share this or interact, the data from which can be used to see who is engaging.

Your blogs can form part of your email marketing campaigns. Keep your subscribers informed about new services, product demos and how to guides. Like social media, you can monitor engagement and use this to determine the right time to reach out to a potential customer.

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