“I hate social media” – the phrase we hear from a lot of our clients when broaching the subject of social media training.

Once the domain of individuals networking with one another, it has become an incredibly powerful marketing tool for businesses.

When used correctly, it has a plethora of benefits, including online brand engagement, brand advocacy, increased backlinks, PR opportunities, the promotion of brand personality and public management of customer service.

All of the above carry a degree of risk. After all, no-one likes a public slaughtering. But when social media is integrated with a firms marketing strategy, it can be extremely rewarding to the growth and retention of clients.

According to Social Times, 81% of the UK’s SMEsuse social media. The remaining 19% are off the grid, with many still preferring traditional marketing methods. But the way we see it, the logic is simple:

If your competitors are on social sites, you should be too. And if they’re not, you’re looking a gift-horse in the mouth. Be the first and have the full market share.

Of course not all social networks are suited to businesses. Twitter works wonders for some firms, whereas others prefer Linkedin. Whilst being active across multiple networks is good, it may be overkill for some. In some cases, social media marketing may not be for your business at all, but it’s always good to speak with an honest and experienced marketer who can look at your industry and stage of digital lifecycle you are in to determine if this medium would work well.

The biggest reason for SMEs not getting social is fear. Fear of how to use social to the company’s advantage. Fear of making the company look bad in the online space. Fear of being virtually attacked.

These are very real threats of using social media, but if you know what you are doing, these can generally be avoided.

The advantages of social media training

This is where social media training useful. SMEs are investing heavily in social media training to bring their marketing staff up to speed on what’s required to set up, manage and maximise opportunities across the social playing field.

And where there’s demand, there’s supply. Marketing agencies now run social media seminars and training sessions for businesses wanting to know more. You can learn anything from which social profiles work best for your industry, to how to engage with mobile users on social media.

Struggling with your Social Media?

At Whitefish Marketing, we offer social media training for businesses. Deemed ‘the word of mouth marketing of the digital age’, we will consult on three main areas as follows:

  • Presence
  • Engagement
  • Brand monitoring

For more information on how we structure our social media training, please see our social media marketing page. Alternatively, give our social media marketing team a call on 01303 720 288.