Online Marketing Tips for New Accountancy Firms

As any start-up will know, launching your brand is a tough job. Not only do have established competitors in your industry to squeeze in amongst, you also have the difficulty of getting your message to stand out in a sea of other marketing messages. Read our digital marketing tips for accountancy start-ups to overcome these difficulties.

Digital marketing is a fundamental part of your brand’s launch if you want to see a quick return on investment. But the amount of budget to apportion to digital marketing varies greatly from business to business. This comes down to factors such as the amount of investment obtained, size of start-up costs and different ideas about the effectiveness of digital marketing.

Whatever your circumstances, there are a number of inexpensive marketing activities you can undertake for your accountancy firm, before you have to eat into your investment.

  1. Goal Setting

Before you even think about carrying out any activity, you need to think about your business objectives. What are your expectations and commitments? Do you need to break even by a specific date? What is your expected revenue growth.

  1. Strategy Planning

Once you have agreed your goals, you have the bones of a plan. It’s now about adding some meat to the bones by looking at different marketing activities that can realistically help you to meet your growth expectations.

Do your research on different activities and their associated conversion rates. Don’t over estimate your results. It’s better to underestimate these and exceed your expectations than to fall short.

  1. Social Media

Social media is a must for all businesses, start-ups included. With around 80% of UK businesses using social media, any brand who doesn’t have a social presence is missing a trick.

Whilst there are advertising options that you can invest in, it’s free to join most social networks and you can organically grow your following and engage with potential or existing customers.

Social media is also the perfect portal to promote and share your news, blogs and product information.

  1. Website Optimisation

Ok so you have a website, but can it be found? Ensuring your site is indexed on the major search engines is a fundamental activity, to ensure users can locate you using brand related and product/service related searches.

Keyword research is recommended, so that you can identify the accountancy terms you want to rank for. Keyword mapping can then be carried out, to optimise different pages on your site for each specific keyword.

Other website optimisation tasks you can carry out include schema tagging, citation listings, guest blogging and backlink generation.

See how well your site is optimised using this free SEO audit tool.

  1. Content

Content marketing is key. The more content you produce and share online, the more brand recognition you are likely to get. Consider creating diverse content about your products, your organisation, your team and your area of expertise.

Content types include product information, press releases, news updates, whitepapers, blogs and promotions.

Fresh and engaging content should be added to your site regularly and shared across your social channels. Where possible, consider getting content added to partner sites, industry publications and guest blogs.

Ensure your content has brand familiarity and includes a clear call to action.

Digital Marketing and Website Development Services in Kent

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