Common SEO mistakes

It’s frustrating – you’re churning out good quality content on a regular basis, but you’re just not ranking well on Google and have no idea why. It could be that you’ve been caught by the pitfalls of some common SEO mistakes.

  1. Poor keyword optimisation

Despite talk in the SEO world that keyword optimisation is dead, it’s still important to focus on a lead keyword. Yes, Google now uses a semantic approach and machine learning to better understand search intent, but you still need to work off a lead keyword and ensure it’s in your title, meta data, header, URL and image ALT tags. This acts as a signal to both search engines and users on the main subject of your content.

Use a long tail keyword that targets a popular question-based search so that your blog can essentially answer the user’s question, providing a useful answer.

  1. Inconsistent internal links

Whilst backlinks from external sites are incredibly important for SEO, internal link structure is often overlooked. Internal links in this sense are where you link from your blog post to other key pages. This improves navigation, defines site architecture and distributes link juice to deeper pages, among other things. Use keyword rich anchor text and aim for 3 – 5 internal links per post.

Audit your website’s pages to find those with the most authority and link to those, to boost your blog pages.

  1. Unoptimised content

We’ve looked at using keywords for landing page optimisation, but optimisation of images and videos can be neglected. Optimising images and videos has several benefits. It improves on-page optimisation, it minimises size for faster loading and it tells the user what’s in the image / video spot if the media fails to load.

Ensure your images are in jpg. format and videos are hosted in a single file. Use image ALT tags and meta data for videos, for better indexation on Google.

  1. Not enough promotion

You can put all your efforts into making your content sing and adequately optimising your blog, but if you’re not promoting your content, not only will you be limiting the discovery of it, you could also be affecting your SEO performance. Content should serve as a natural link magnet, driving visits and conversions. In order to do this, you need to promote it via social channels and shared or endorsed by key influencers in your industry.

Look to engage in outreach activity, contacting similar websites to grow backlinks, requesting quotes from thought leaders and using social media to drive interest. The aim is to maximise shareability, to increase visits, engagement and conversions.

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