Communicating your brand to your audience

Many marketers wax lyrical about the importance of branding, and rightly so. Your brand should encompass not only a logo and a name, but a set of values, a style of communication and a delivery that is tailored to your audience. What’s more, it should be integral to your company culture.

Many brands fail to create genuine investment in their values internally, and this often shows when it comes to communicating to the market. If you want to truly impact the people outside your organisation, you need to make an impact on those within it first.

Doing it right

The Body Shop is an example of a brand that does this well. Its products state that the company is against animal testing, but it doesn’t stop at a caption on a label to make buyers feel better. The organisation actively campaigns against animal testing in cosmetic products, as evidenced by its ‘Forever Against Animal Testing’ petition, which it hopes to present to the UN this year.

Such an initiative proactively involves staff, with feedback being shared on the petition’s progress on a regular basis. The result? Buy-in from employees that this is a brand to believe in. And once your staff are inspired by the brand and its campaigns, this will filter through to their interactions with customers, thus upholding your values at multiple touch points.

Supporting actions

It’s simple to say that your business believes in one thing or another, but acting upon your words is trickier. That said, it goes much farther towards creating an environment that can inspire your staff and make them want to advocate you.

Your employees are ambassadors for your business – they speak to the customers, attend shows and events and put a face to the name. If the company’s actions – whether through campaigning for good causes or simply instilling a culture that promotes its values – resonate, your staff will enjoy a positive experience and share their enthusiasm unprompted. That’s some extremely valuable advocacy right there.

Where to start

The place to start is (of course) with your branding. What are your values and what are you telling customers? If it’s that you treat them like family, extend that treatment to your staff by making them feel part of something strong and caring. Keep any competition among teams friendly, reward them regularly for their work and create opportunities for team building.

If your business projects itself as invested in environmental sustainability, why not work towards scrapping single-use plastics in the office and cutting down on paper consumption?

A helping hand

There are many ways to start making your values count internally, but if you need help with developing your brand or defining your messaging, contact Whitefish Marketing today. As an award-winning digital marketing agency in Kent, we can assist with your brand communications and ensure what you stand for is reflected in every aspect of your business. Contact us today.


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