Transcript of the radio interview:

Barry: You’re Listening to the Shepway Sports Trust on Academy FM and we’ve got Chris Surridge in now from Whitefish Marketing. He’s with us today and they’re the kit sponsors for Folkestone Saints Men’s National League team, they’re a basketball team and their first home match will be taking place this Saturday. Chris is gonna sort of talk to us a bit about his company’s relationship with Folkestone basketball team and about the event itself. First of all, Chris, welcome to the show!

Chris: Hello Barry!

Barry: Hello there! Chris, could you sort of tell our listeners a little bit about Whitefish Marketing, how you got involved with Folkestone Saints Basketball club and perhaps how your company came around to sponsor the kit this season for the national league’s men’s team.

Chris: Yeah, yeah! Of course, absolutely!  Well, Whitefish Marketing, we’re a local web agency here in Folkestone. We develop websites and handle all major aspects of online marketing for businesses in the local Folkestone area and also Kent-wide. In essence, that’s a little bit about us.  How we met; Whitefish Marketing and Folkestone Saints, we were invited to a local school event where we were offering careers advice and stories for the students and as such, we got talking, the notion came about for sponsoring the team. It was pretty good, actually, because we’re looking for a team to sponsor. So it’s very serendipitous that we met. And that’s it, really, that’s how we kinda met.

Barry: So this Saturday then, this is the first home game of the season for Folkestone Saints. Can you tell our listeners in about the game, you know, who they’re playing, where’s the event taking place and what time does it start.

Chris: Yeah, absolutely! So it’s gonna be this Saturday, Saturday of the first of October. We’re hosting all the home matches at the Folkestone Sports Centre and so the Folkestone Saints – they’re gonna play against Lewisham Thunder. They’re the first opponent, as it were. Hopefully it’s gonna be good game. Saints have got a good team. They got a strong squad. And it should be a very interesting first game.

Barry: So if listeners sort of wanna go along and watch, then, how much is a ticket, how can they get tickets for this event?

Chris: So it’s just a turn up event, so feel free to come along turn up, tip-off is at 5:20 on Saturday. It’s absolutely free for spectators. They’ve got some court side tier seating, so there’s quite a lot of seats for the home guests and also all the away fans. It’s got good atmosphere, food and drink available from the Sports Centre bar as well. So, yeah the turn up at 5:20 as the tip-off, Saturday, come along and support the local team!

Barry: Yes sounds like great and it’s free! Well, great for family day out. Tell the wife and kids that you’re taking them out for a treat. Just don’t tell them that it’s free.

Chris: yeah [laughter] brownie points.

Barry: Given this is the first game in the season and the Folkestone players will have their brand new kit with your company’s logo, Whitefish Marketing, plastered across it. Surely, it would be a proud moment for you and in your company.

Chris: Yeah, I mean absolutely Barry! It really is quite a proud moment for us. I mean we’re a three year old company; we’ve grown organically in the local area. I am born and bred here in Folkestone, and so, yes, this is a very proud moment that my company now is the main sponsor as it were. I mean, me personally, I’ve played with the Folkestone Saints in my youth when I was about fifteen, sixteen years old and now being able to sponsor the team twenty years on, yeah, it is quite a bit of a proud moment for us. My family, friends, and some staff will be coming down for the event. So, hopefully it’ll be one of those moments for our company.

Barry: Fantastic! Okay. In the US, obviously the NBA basketball has been massive for so many years now but you find in the intervals, there’s lots of entertainment going on. Is there anything special going on in addition to the game itself this weekend?

Chris: Yes I mean, don’t get me wrong, we’ve exactly got the LA Lakers girls coming in and performing. But from my understanding we do usually have a great local youth dance troupe who normally perform during the intervals and all the time outs and half time shows and they’re often associated with the Folkestone Saints basketball team.  We ourselves as the company, we’re gonna be taking some press shots with the new kit with the team before the match. Dare I say I’m even gonna be taking some shots of me trying to perform some shots for the camera. I say trying, it’s not gonna turn out well, I don’t think. Otherwise, general atmosphere, supporting the local team should be energetic enough. We’re not gonna do any kind of special prize giveouts at this match but we might look to do some later on in the season.

Barry: Okay. Okay. We’ll keep everyone posted on that. We’re also gonna touch with the team here. I got a bit of an announcement to make at the very end of the show with Lawrence and Rhiannon, they are not aware of this yet, but we’re gonna chat and it is Basketball-related so definitely stay tuned for that.  So, being the sponsor of the team, I guess you’ll been keeping track of the club’s progress this season. From experience some sponsors like to be more actively involved with clubs. So do you see yourself working with the club at games and events throughout the season or you’re just planning to sit back?

Chris: Well, ah, me personally, I’m looking forward to attending as many of the home games as I can. I love the sport and I frankly I wish I had the energy to continue playing it myself. In terms of our involvement as a company, as the official sponsor, we’re more than happy to help out with promoting the Folkestone Saints team, creating a good bit of publicity for any of the matches home and away, and hopefully if they progress within the cup and generally help out wherever we possibly can. Aside from that, frankly, I’ll let the team get on to win some matches.

Barry: Okay let’s hope for good season then for Folkestone Saints Basketball Club. Chris Surridge from Whitefish Marketing, thank you so much for joining us in the studio today. From all of us here at Shepway Sports Trust, we wish Folkestone Saints Basketball Team the best of luck this season. And that’s it now, so we’re back to the music. Thank you.

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