How to Rank for Generic Keywords

Keyword optimisation has evolved over the years. We’ve gone from websites competing on highly popular terms and adopting practices such as keyword stuffing to manipulate the SERPs, to targeting long tail keywords and localised terms that are more specific and have a higher conversion rate.

Should I Target My Competitors’ Keywords?

Keyword targeting is essential if you want to stand a chance at driving the right type of traffic to your website.

A Guide to Gaining a Greater Keyword Conversion Rate

What is the best type of content writing for SEO? It’s the question that remains on the lips of many business owners. Find out here.

Changes to Google Keyword Planner in AdWords

On 12th August, Google announced some changes to Google Keyword Planner that would affect the way keyword volume is reported. Have you been affected?

Accountants – top 8 tips on how to reduce bounce rates for your firm’s website

Is the level of engagement low on your accountancy site? Here are some great tips on how to retain the clients attention and reduce your bounce rate.

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