Press Releases and Public Relations

Maintaining a strong public image for your brand, or to communicate your message to the right audiences

PR marketing

Our PR Services

Competition in business is as high as it’s ever been, with the internet providing consumers with access to a broader range of service providers in locations around the globe. As such, brand awareness has become fundamental to keeping your business in the spotlight, with traditional and web public relations (PR) all-important to the success of your company. At Whitefish Marketing, we know just how important it is to conduct PR in a manner that fosters enduring relationships, achieves the coverage you deserve, and promotes a presence within your industry that sets you apart from the competition.

Public relations, of course, offers myriad benefits for your organisation. In addition to simply raising awareness, you have the potential for the generation of high-value links to your website, thereby boosting SEO performance. You can also establish yourself as an authority in your sector, with our PR services helping to connect you with the most respected bodies, journalists, and publications in your industry. Through effective reputation management, Whitefish Marketing can help the public profile of your business achieve new levels of awareness and keep you engaged with your audience effectively.

Benefits associated with Public Relation activities

  • Form lasting professional relationships with leading journalists, bloggers and editors
  • Achieve local, national and international coverage for your business
  • Raise awareness of your brand and become an industry authority
  • Events promotion and coverage
  • Fantastic ROI compared to paid advertising

Our Approach to PR

Public relations is all about establishing relationships with the right people and maintaining them for years to come. It’s also about identifying and seizing those opportunities which set you apart from the rest. Our approach to PR is to maintain effective relationships and stay focused on the industry developments surrounding your business. In this way, we’re able to capitalise on potential features, getting your voice heard in your industry sector.

We can even monitor the on and offline coverage of the work we conduct, delivering an accurate report based on standard web metrics and PR advertising value equivalency (AVE). With Whitefish Marketing, the PR services you receive are designed to deliver the best value investment and keep you at the front of your audience’s mind, so we work hard to ensure we deliver comprehensive reports identifying the full extent of your PR performance.