Developing your Content Marketing Strategy 

According a recent poll that was conducted on Twitter, 70% of people agreed that content marketing is getting harder. Why? Because everyone is now at it. Businesses are now getting much savvier on what’s required to build and maintain brand awareness. The good news is, you can maximise your content marketing efforts, without breaking the bank.

Step one: Be an expert of your brand

The most important thing about content marketing is knowing your brand inside out. If you are an expert on your brand, you can write really compelling content that captures the essence of what makes your brand stand out over another.

When transferring that expert knowledge into content, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What are your brand’s top 3 objectives?

Examples of this might be lead generation, brand awareness and thought leadership. Whatever they are, they will be clearly set out in your business plan and hopefully already ingrained in your digital marketing strategy. Write content that seeks to meet these objectives.

  1. What is your value proposition?

What makes your business attractive to your customers and potential customers? What does your product or service do to solve a problem or meet a need for a customer? Creating a user story like this is a great way to resonate with your audience.

  1. What is your USP?

What unique selling point makes you stand out above your competitors? If you are a travel company that has no hidden extras in your holiday prices, whereas competitor companies don’t include tipping, shout about it.

Step two: Push content volume

Once you have a consistent message that incorporates the brand elements above, you can create lots of content that can be posted via different channels. Volume really is key here.

However, volume alone does not mean more engagement. A recent TrackMaven study found that the amount of content produced last year rose 34%, but engagement decreased 17%. It’s important that volume is combined with great content that truly advocates your brand.

Step three: create assets cheaply

Creating high volumes of engaging content isn’t easy. If you take this on in-house, it will cost you in time spent on strategic thinking and producing. If you outsource it, you’re paying for expertise. But, if you go for the quick wins, you don’t need to spend a lot to create engaging content. Think the 80/20 rule: 80% reward, from 20% effort. Below are the types of content you can create to achieve this:

  • Entrepreneur interviews and stories
  • Product launches
  • Brand news
  • Industry news

Content like this engages your audience because it’s useful. There’s only so much content we can consume online and so customers will filter out pointless content and focus on that that’s useful.

Remember, when executing your content marketing strategy, incorporate all three points above. If you neglect one, your content strategy will fall down. Advocate your brand’s strengths, go for the content that engages your audience and consistently churn out a high volume and you’re onto a winning formula.

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