Digital Marketing Strategy’s that help Grow your Revenue

Investing in digital marketing is something that businesses can be reluctant to do if they are unsure of their ROI. The question they often have is ‘how does digital marketing make me any money’? Here’s how to use digital marketing effectively, to grow your revenue.

Any digital marketing agency can sell digital marketing services to make attempts towards growing your online presence, but a really good one will design and execute a strategy that seeks out the best revenue opportunities that have longevity and scalability. They will also be able to quantify their efforts and measure results to demonstrate your ROI (return on investment).

Show me the money!

Growing an online presence means getting more traffic to your website, but more traffic doesn’t necessarily equate to more sales. It comes down to the right targeting. If you target the wrong audience, then upon visiting your site, they won’t convert and worse still, may bounce off again, giving you a poor bounce rate. This can negatively affect your SEO.

Watch out for agencies that claim to grow your visitors. This is an ambiguous KPI and isn’t always helpful. Whilst the onus is not on the agency to grow your revenue (they can’t be responsible for sales, if you have a bad user experience or website functionality, unless they built your website), they are responsible for making sure you attract the right traffic. By the right traffic, I mean the audience that is most likely to convert.

How to target the right traffic using digital marketing

Here are a few key tips to help you target your desired audience and maximise conversion rate on your website, thus improving ROI.

Research where your audience hangs out online

Rather than focusing on getting your target audience to find you, locate where your audience spends their time online and get in front of them. Examples of this include Facebook ads, which target specific demographics, and joining conversations in industry specific groups on networks such as Linkedin.

Create engaging content

Start by segmenting your use demographics by role, industry and company size. This will give you a steer on the type of content that your audience might engage with. Engagement naturally differs from demographic to demographic, so it’s important to section out different groups and align the right content with the right audiences.

Incorporate Multimedia

Users retain information 65 percent better when text is accompanied by visual and audio content.

Content has come a long way over the last decade. Online users expect much more diversity when it comes to the content they consume. If you keep your content one-dimensional, you limit your potential in terms of targeted traffic. Plan an engaging content marketing strategy and use video and imaging in your content campaigns. If you have connections with digital content specialists, look at more interactive ideas like AR or gaming.

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