On the eleventhday of Christmas, the Whitefish Team gave me –acknowledgement that content is King.

We’ve been banging on about content marketing for a number of years now. Whilst the emphasis on content has remained pretty consistent, there is an evolutionary change within the content world, with the types of content becoming more and more engaging.

Content should be one (or all) of three things: entertaining, interesting or useful.

Not only do we need to write for the human and not just the search engine, we also need to excite readers. This is even more important if you are integrating social media in your content marketing strategy.


Think images, videos, interactive content, quizzes, games or VR experiences.


You could consider podcasts, infographics, blog posts or press releases.


Here you could create how-to-guides, whitepapers, product demos.

Think carefully about who your content is aimed at, what it is trying to achieve and how to engage your user. If you can combine some of the principles above into one campaign then this is likely to have a higher success rate, if you consider you audience and your goal. Create a killer message in your content that engages your user and provide a call to action.

Seed your content around the internet and use sharing tools to increase exposure. Also try and get some natural links to your content from trusted sources.

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