Chris is our marketing director. He’s in charge of the overall operations for the Whitefish Marketing business. As well as face to face client meetings and overall account management, Chris also manages the entire marketing and development team to ensure the KPIs meet client expectations. His forte is in SEO and strategic marketing, but he has a strong grasp of PPC and Social Media Marketing as well.

Chris comes from a split background in automotive and accountancy, having worked with such brands in the past as Lookers PLC, Mercedes Benz & Vauxhall, as well as working with govering boddies such as ACCA and CIMA in the accounting world. He brings industry knowledge to the table and a passion for what he does. He has managed campaigns up to the value of £1.8m and has a keen eye on detail. During his involvement, he has also helped numerous clients win various awards.


Chris enjoys his freetime with his young family, and has a leisurely pursuit in martial arts which he has done for the past 20+ years. His favourite Christmas movie is Die Hard.

Chris Surridge
Marketing Director
SEO strategy
KPI analysis
Conversion Rate Optimisation
Campaign Management

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