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As one of the most effective marketing strategies around, remarketing has the ability to raise the profile of your brand and capture leads that you may have thought missed. You will undoubtedly have experienced remarketing yourself; perhaps you are browsing a website and are served an advert for a product you looked at minutes, hours, or even days before on an entirely different website. If so, you’re experiencing remarketing.

Whitefish Marketing can help make remarketing work for you and your business. Utilising the Google Display Network – one of the largest online ad networks in the world – we will help increase brand awareness around your business, promoting your adverts across a host of leading websites. This retargeting will help deliver fresh leads and convert those you may have considered lost.

How remarketing works

The remarketing services provided by Whitefish Marketing represent an affordable way of reaching out to your customers. Our paid advertising experts will help refine your adverts in order to meet the correct target market. What’s more, by working on a Cost-Per-Click (CPC) basis, you can be confident that you’ll only accrue charges once your adverts are clicked. This differs from CPM advertising which charges you by the amount of impressions your adverts receive.

Brand awareness plays an integral role in the success of any business, so being able to reach an audience effectively and affordably represents the ideal means of keeping your business in front of the markets interested in your products and services. We’re pleased to offer remarketing as part of our digital marketing services, and work with GoogleAdwords to ensure the very best platform is used to manage your advertising budget.

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