Retention Marketing

Repeat transactions from existing customers is easier than acquiring new business.

Our solutions for Retention Marketing

Many business forget to focus their attention on after sales. Despite an element of post sale customer service, it is the most productive of companies who are the ones that also realise;  securing repeat purchases from an existing customer is likely to be more cost efficient than acquiring business from a new one. 

The most Effective retention marketing strategies are designed to keep your brand and your product/service, firmly in the mind and memory of your customer long after they've made a purchase from you. 

Your retention marketing strategy should compliment your other activities, such as Acquisition marketing and conversion rate optimisation. It covers a variety of aspects and the methods adopted can be subliminal, pursued on an ongoing drip feed basis, or even loud and attention grabbing! 

Here at whitefish marketing we have proven experience in what types of retention strategies work, and which are less likely to succeed. View our full list of services below, designed to encourage repeat business... For your business.


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Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the most cost effective forms of Digital Marketing.  A properly nurtured and planned email campaign can achieve instant results, whilst continuously promoting your brand identity and message to your audience members who may look to repurchase in the future.

This strategy is not as simple as it sounds.  Simply sending out a mass email to your customer base via your mail provider (e.g. Outlook) can sometimes be the surest way to cull your client database or worst yet, have your server and website blacklisted.

Email Marketing is more about personalisation of the message to the individual customer, based on their existing needs and past purchases, and delivered in a manner which is both enticing yet not obtrusive to their everyday life.

Learn more about our Email Marketing services

Features of Email Marketing

  • Very Cost Effective ROI
  • Utilizes Existing Database of Customers
  • Can be personalised

Social Engagement

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ are all golden opportunities to continuously liaise with your customers long after you've parted company at the "thank you" payment screen.

Empowering your customers to promote your brand through everyday discussion is a worthwhile exercise.  Social engagement shows to your public audiences how you value your customers, how effectively you take their feedback, and whether you care about the longevity of your relationship with them -  or are just a company after solitary purchases.

A strong Social Engagement strategy offers increased opportunity that existing customers will be encouraged to repeat purchase from you in the future.

Learn more about our Social Media Marketing services.

Benefits of Social Engagement

  • Publicly shows you care post-purchase
  • Empowers customers to promote your brand
  • Instills trust that you are not a faceless operation

Reputation Management

Reputation Management is vital for both new and existing customers.  New customers are becoming more influenced by social opinion, with a major contribution centered around "product reviews" or "company reviews".  Their decision to do business with you, can be greatly influenced by what others have said about you on the web.

As for existing customers, maintaining a level of post-purchase customer satisfaction is key to reducing the likelihood of negative comments being distributed in the first place.

At Whitefish Marketing, we monitor your company brand diligently, and identify those comments and posts which can be damaging to your business.  We know from experience what is best practice, how to handle negative reviews or inflammatory statements, and we undergo the proper procedures to publicly address these for a more positive resolution.

Importance Of Reputation Management

  • Know what customers are saying about you and publicly address problems in positive manner
  • Identify hotspots in your customer service which need fixing
  • Damage to the brand image will damage your bottom line - DON'T ALLOW IT

Loyalty Programs & Competitions

Discount codes, coupons, vouchers and rewards points all promote brand loyalty and encourage repeat business. But there is much more that can be achieved with these methods, than blindly setting them up to run.  Targeting the right audience at the best time is essential.  The type of discount offer you promote to a new customer, will not be the same as one who is regularly engaged but earned loyalty, nor the same compared to an old customer who hasn't bought from you in a while and needs encouragement to re-engage.  Different customers need different schemes at different stages of their purchase cycle.

At Whitefish Marketing we know which schemes best work with which customer type to promote a strong brand loyalty program, to push more business retention.    

Why Loyalty Programmes Work

  • Naturally encourages repeat orders
  • Customers buy into your brand, then become ambassadors for your business
  • Higher ROI using simple techniques

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