Optimised on page content

Increasing your web exposure with SEO Content

Properly optimised copy is integral to the performance of your website in the search engines. Without relevant copy that features clear markers in the various text elements, search engines struggle to ascertain how each page should be indexed and how the pages and subjects across the site relate both to each other and to other, similar content on the internet. SEO content and associated aspects of on page SEO are therefore important when considering your web exposure.

The content marketing experts at Whitefish Marketing will create on page copy that is not only engaging and informative, but also optimised for search engines.

SEO copywriting

In order to give your business the best chance of gaining good exposure on Google, Bing and other engines, we’ll carry out keyword research to establish which are the terms that hold relevance and adequate search volume for each page.  With these in mind, we will create content that is fluent and useful to its readers, incorporating keywords only where they flow naturally within the copy.

We understand that the needs of your customers come before potential SEO benefits, and will never jeopardise the accuracy, clarity and consistency of copy to score points with search engines. In addition, our SEO content is compliant with major Google updates such as Panda and Penguin.

Additional on page SEO

While copy is the main focus of SEO for on page content, there are other elements that can help to provide cues for search engine bots that are crawling and indexing your website’s pages. Headings or ‘H tags’ are useful for highlighting the key themes of a page and can include keywords where relevant. Engaging pages also include imagery and video, and tags can be applied to these as additional markers that indicate what the page is about. Our content marketing experts can ensure these tags have been implemented and, where possible, add them.

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