How to guides and whitepapers

Creating resources for your clients as a prelude to lead generation 

How to guides and whitepapers are a great way to establish your company’s authority within its industry, as well as creating PR and SEO opportunities. Many companies carry out research not only for PR purposes, but also as a means of better understanding their own customer base and improving the personalised service that they deliver.

At Whitefish Marketing, we can produce whitepapers and guides that will benefit your customers and other businesses in your sector. Whether you have conducted your own research through customer surveys or would like us to research the subject matter on your behalf, we can provide useful, informative copy that will engage the right audience.


Research requirements differ depending on the nature and scope of the project, so we will discuss your requirements with you before beginning the study. While we recommend that you collect your own data via short surveys, we appreciate that this is not always possible and can assist with the gathering of relevant data to suit the guide or whitepaper creation. When researching on your behalf, we may require access to customer data; in such cases we will ensure all legal terms are met to guarantee the protection and security of the data.


Once research is complete, we will present the information in a form that is engaging to your target audience and relevant to the type of project undertaken. Naturally, how to guides for a consumer need to be user friendly and can be less formal than a whitepaper that is intended to provide corporate peers with useful insights into the marketplace or an overview of the latest industry technologies.

Should you require it, we are happy to provide easily digestible versions of the project too, such as infographics or visually enhanced papers. We simply ask that you request these at the beginning of the project.

For further details on whitepaper writing or how to guides, contact Whitefish Marketing today on 01303 720 288.