Ecommerce catalogues

How to differentiate yourself and improve product rankings in Google 

The primary aim of content marketing is to ensure that good quality copy is being produced and displayed both on and off your company’s website. When it comes to content for ecommerce websites, this can be a challenge due to the number of products on offer and their potential availability on competitors’ websites.

It would be easy to simply replicate the manufacturers’ descriptions of various products, but although it’s a faster method of getting relevant content onto the site, this approach presents a duplicate content issue.

Duplicate content

The problem with duplicate content is twofold: the first issue is that your customer may already have found the manufacturer’s description of the product either on the manufacturer site itself or on a competitor’s website. They may be looking for additional information, and by replicating someone else’s content, you’re not providing what they need.

The second drawback is that your website may be penalised by search engines for providing content that isn’t unique, which in turn will affect your visibility in their rankings. Although the copy-and-paste option may seem like a quick win, it can actually be detrimental to your marketing goals.

Unique descriptions

Whitefish Marketing will provide you with ecommerce product descriptions that are unique to your website and offer plenty of information about the items on sale. By using this approach, not only are you limiting the potential for repercussion in the search engines, you’re also standing out from your competitors in the eyes of your consumers.

To generate unique copy, you may want to include genuine customer reviews or objective reviews from staff members who have used some of the products on display. This will give customers a little more on which to base their decision to purchase.

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