Blogger outreach

Enhancing your voice of authority in the industry

The huge network of bloggers on the web means that there are countless opportunities to have content published on different sites, opening your business up to a wider audience. Finding relevant bloggers whose sites are considered authoritative by both users and search engines, however, can be a time consuming and challenging pursuit.

Whitefish Marketing has the expertise and tools to carry out this search for you and identify respected bloggers whose endorsement can bring real benefit to your business. But it’s not simply a case of bombarding them with content. Once we have found appropriate bloggers, we begin to build up a relationship with them, a process that may take several weeks, before supplying them with copy.

Relevant content

Content that other bloggers are willing to use has to be not only interesting to readers, but also relevant to that particular blogger’s chosen topics and areas of interest. This may mean finding a specific angle or carrying out some consumer research to ensure your business’ key message ties in with other blog content.

It’s also important not to try to promote your business in the blog content. At Whitefish, we respect the influential bloggers we work with and will write blog articles on your behalf that avoid sales messages and overt promotion.

SEO blog writing

With that in mind, you may wonder how these posts can bring SEO benefit to your company’s website. Our content writers ensure that while the body of the text doesn’t include promotional content, an author profile is included where appropriate, with brief details of your business. We also ensure that there is at least one link on the post that points to your website, thereby showing search engines that an authority in the field is endorsing your products or services.

To find out more about our blogger outreach and blog writing services, or to discuss your requirements, contact Whitefish Marketing on 01303 720 288.