Digital Search Marketing

Being visible to your customers in a digital age is a fundamental requirement for your online success.

Acquisition Marketing Simplified

Acquisition marketing is about obtaining new business, often from customers or clients who have never heard of you before. For that to happen, to generate new sales, you need to ensure your online presence and visibility has a solid grounding.

Why your visibility in Google is essential?

Imagine you owned the best department store in the world. Your products were of the highest quality in the region, your prices were very competitive, and your customer service was friendly and efficient. And best yet, you were located in the busiest shopping district in the city. It would be like shooting fish in a barrel, wouldn't it?

But now.... Imagine that same department store was actually located underground. Underneath all those vast pedestrians walking overhead. You have no signage to point them to your door and they can't see your shop windows. You are still easily the best store around, but no one is walking through your doors. Is it still like shooting fish in a barrel?

In short, if no-one can find your business, you won't make sales.

For any business which operates an online entity, prime visibility within google and other search engines is paramount to your business success.

How Whitefish Marketing will enhance your search visibility

We adopt a range of acquisition marketing techniques tailored for your individual needs, depending on your business scale, budget, target customer markets, and location.

  • we adopt and choose the campaigns which generate the best ROI for your marketing spend
  • we don't focus on one area, but spread your business visibility across multiple mediums
  • we strengthen your business brand, whilst pushing your tactical campaigns
  • we genuinely understand consumer behaviour and target your audiences appropriately and effectively

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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), also known as "Organic", is the technique used to naturally rank your company high in the Google search results for the most relevant search terms, associated with your business, so that potential customers pick YOU over competitors.

Think of SEO as the building blocks for your Digital Marketing program.  Having your site optimised for SEO will in turn support your other Digital Marketing activities, improve their efficiency and click-through-rate, and lower overall cost-per-lead for your business.

SEO is an absolutely essential part of your company's visibility with Google and other search engines.

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SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

  • Stronger Conversions
  • More trusted by Customers
  • Essential building block for Digital Marketing
  • Higher Return On Investment in Long-run


 For a truly successful Digital Marketing strategy you should always look for a well balanced portfolio of activities.  As well as other mediums such as SEO, Social, Email Marketing etc, PPC (or Paid) offers a large opportunity to get your company brand, key messages and tactical offers directly in front of your audiences.

PPC is also the most reactive form of digital marketing.  You can set up and pause campaigns quickly, allowing you to amend your adverts (Adcopy) as and when required (e.g. to challenge new competitor changes, sudden industry market fluctuations, or to update a promoted offer etc.)

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PPC - Pay Per Click

  • Instant Gratification - adverts go live Quickly
  • Transparent with clear KPI measure
  • Comprehensive Campaign Control
  • Enhanced Targeting for more Qualified Leads
  • Perfect for Tactical Campaigns

PR - Public Relations Management

PR is an ever growing element of your Digital Marketing success.  Traditional PR agencies would see successes in obtaining editorial articles in print publications.  Whilst that still remains the goal, there is now the added benefit of having your message promoted digitally as well.  With an argument that traditional "Print" publications are slowly being replaced by their digital editions, there is an argument that PR for savy digital marketing manager has now become even more important than before.   

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PR - Digital Public Relations

  • Quality Backlinks from authorised partners
  • Additional Sources for Content Generation
  • Cross Channel Messaging
  • Crisis Management

Content Marketing

Your content marketing strategy is essential, not just as part of your outreach program (your visibility) but also for your customer engagement after they arrive to your site. There is also a lot of cross over in this category between the departments of Acquisition marketing and conversion rate optimisation, whilst heavily supporting all  your SEO activities.  different types of content must be presented to your corresponding types of customer to best engage with them as they pass through the various stages of their customer journey.  What you present to customers during their "research" phase of the buying cycle will undoubtedly contrast the content you present to customers at the "closing" or "sales" stage.  For a large number of reasons, planning and implementing the right content marketing strategy has become of greater importance in today's digital marketing field.

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Content Marketing

  • Good Content Increases Customer Engagement
  • Content Marketing Increases your Outreach Programme
  • "Content is King" in the eyes of Google
  • Content Marketing is Synergised with SEO activities for Increased Search Engine Visibility

Our Acquisition Marketing Team

At whitefish marketing we have a hand picked team of experienced professionals, all former departmental managers of their selected specialty, who bring with them a wealth of experience, understanding, and most importantly are results driven.

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