Heat Mapping and Cursor Tracking

Understanding Consumer Behaviour to get the Most out of your Digital Presence

Heat Mapping and Cursor Tracking

Understanding Heat Mapping and Cursor Tracking

Understanding user behaviour on your website plays an important role in conversion rate optimisation and the success of your digital presence. In order to understand such behaviour, one of the most important tools in any digital marketer’s repertoire should be heat mapping and cursor tracking software, and the ability to analyse the event tracking records effectively.

At Whitefish Marketing in Kent, we have a team of digital marketing experts that will be able to monitor the use of your website by real visitors. We’ll interpret the data recorded and help identify where improvements can be made across your site. Whether it’s the placement of contact forms, identifying the efficacy of your call-to-actions, or helping you determine the best format of your navigation menus, we’ll be able to support your digital activity to ensure optimum performance.

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A key component of our conversion rate optimisation service, heat mapping and cursor tracking traces the actions of your users when accessing your website. It enables us to see where people are clicking on your site and where their attention is focused. Not only does this help you refine the performance of your site, it also helps support the user experience, guiding them on a customer journey that – ultimately – leads to greater salesand greater revenue.

The heat mapping and cursor tracking software we use as part of our conversion rate optimisation process is among the very best in the digital marketing industry, so you can rest assured that working with Whitefish Marketing provides you with the cutting-edge data you need for the perfect digital strategy.

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