Form Testing

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Form Testing

Form Testing

Capturing leads from your website is fundamental to the success of your business, with the data you’re able to gather key to your marketing activity going forward. Of course, capturing the information you need requires you to have the correct contact forms placed on your webpages – a requirement which itself demands the process of form testing.

At Whitefish Marketing in Kent, we can help conduct effective form testing that will help deliver great conversions for your website. We know how important it is to optimise each and every form that appears on a given page, helping tailor the length of the form and understanding what information users will be willing to supply before you publish online. After all, our experience in conversion rate optimisation ensures that we can support your business in capturing the leads you need for success.

Form testing process

When it comes to form testing, we address the relationship between the requirements of your business and the experience of the user. As such, it comes down to three key areas that require attention and which, if not properly addressed, can lead to abandoned forms and the loss of a customer. These three vital areas are:

  • Call to action: We’ll address the location of your call to action on a page, its design, and also managing the expectations associated with the action.
  • Fields: Long contact forms which ask for extensive details are all well and good for your data needs, but users will want a form to be quick and not encroach on their privacy in too great a manner. We can help identify the core requirements according to your business, and make sure you get the information you need and which users wish to share.
  • The submit button: The correct design and placement of the submit button can make all the difference between success and failure. At Whitefish Marketing, we can judge the psychological changes caused by differences in colour, shape, size, position, and text, and will help you find the perfect solution.

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Form and usability testing are key to any website, meaning that due care and attention should be afforded to every form appearing on your page. To find out more about optimising your forms for better conversion, contact Whitefish Marketing today by submitting an online enquiry form. We’ll be delighted to discuss your needs and help you achieve the success your business deserves.


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