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Asking the Right Questions to Make the Right Improvements

Customer Survey

Customer surveys represent a great means of assessing and refining the performance of your business, and enable you to hear direct from users where improvements can be made. In order for your surveys to return the data you need, however, it’s vital that you include the right questions and use the correct format to get the best responses.

At Whitefish Marketing, our customer survey testing services support clients in developing surveys that are flexible and responsive to their needs, using focus groups and real user testing to identify areas for improvement. By working with us, you can streamline your survey to include only those elements that are necessary, and eliminate any bugs before you implement on your website.

Thorough survey testing

We believe that, when it comes to the efficacy of a survey, the ‘proof is in the eating’. Put simply, the best way to determine how well a survey works is to ask a real audience to complete it. By working with Whitefish Marketing in Kent, you can rest assured that your customer survey will be thoroughly tested to ensure its suitability for use.

The expertise we have in conversion optimisation means that we are able to identify a number of vital components of your survey. For example, we’ll look at:

  • Design
  • Number of questions
  • Format of questions
  • Device compatibility
  • Call to actions

Such analysis of these survey factors will help deliver the level and quality of responses you require to positively implement the changes necessary. As such, you can be assured that all feedback comes from genuine users and not automated systems, thereby giving you the human input that is so vital to quality user experience.

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