Call tracking

Driving your business to a new level of success by monitoring the source of your telephone sales leads 

Call tracking

Identifying the source of a sales lead is key to refining business performance and increasing the level of interest in your products and services. After all, knowing which marketing channels are working better than others enables you to focus your attention and your resources on optimising your promotions. Such a principle can be applied to online conversions with the use of Google Analytics, but finding a solution for telephone tracking is not always as clear cut.

With Whitefish Marketing in Kent, being able to monitor the source of telephone sales leads is simple, with our call tracking services providing you with everything you need to deliver better performance in your digital marketing activities.

What is call tracking?

Put simply, call tracking is the process of recording information pertinent to sales leads taken over the phone. Such data is captured by software that delivers detailed and comprehensive reports which can help you in developing effective business strategies. In addition to the source of calls, call tracking software is also able to keep a record of calls that have come in to your business, which calls have been missed, the location of callers, and will even let you maintain audio recordings for training and review purposes.

A number of call tracking software options are available, with a host of providers offering a bespoke system that enables you to set up reports according to your needs. At Whitefish Marketing, meanwhile, we’re able work with phone number tracking software to support your business objectives, carefully measuring the return on investment associated with inbound calls and call centre activity.

Why is call tracking beneficial?

As identified above, call tracking provides the opportunity to accurately measure the efficiency of your call centre and sales activity. For many businesses, inbound calls constitute the major source of sales leads, outweighing email contact by a ratio of seven-to-one. The ability to track call activity, therefore, enables you to identify which marketing campaigns are working better than others, in asimilar way that you would use Google Analytics to determine how your online activity is performing.

Having oversight of the geographic location of where your calls originate, for example, will provide you with data that tells you advertising campaigns may be reaching the target audience at a higher rate than a location where lesser calls come from. Alternatively, you may use your call tracking software to determine what time of day receives more engagement and incoming calls, thereby helping you manage your staffing requirements more accurately. Regardless of your objectives, call tracking with Whitefish Marketing will help support business activity and control expenditure.

Call recording

One of the major benefits of call tracking software is the ability to perform call recording. By making audio backups of the calls coming into your business, you will be able to review the performance of your agents and highlight areas for improvement. Staff training is essential to the growth of any organisation, so having such a means to evaluate performance will enable you to keep your staff at the cutting edge of their role and keep your customers happy.

Google Analytics integration

As digital marketing’s leading data analysis platform, Google Analytics is essential for any business operating online. At Whitefish Marketing, we’re able to integrate call tracking data into your Google Analytics account, thereby having all the information you need in one familiar, comprehensive database. Not only does this make analysing business data simpler, it also gives you the chance to conduct more in-depth research into the behaviour of your users.

For example, the call tracking software and Google Analytics data may well help you draw as accurate as possible conclusions as to the route customers took before placing a call. This will help you determine how effective your call-to-actions may be performing on your website and where improvements need to be made.

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