Improving your Online Visibility

SEO – or Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of improving your website’s visibility on the search engine results pages, through a series of ongoing optimisation techniques. But the question many company owners ask is ‘how will SEO help my business?

More Web Traffic

The most obvious answer to this is that it brings more traffic to your website. The higher up the SERPs (search engine results pages) your website is, the greater the chance you’ll have of users seeing you and potentially clicking on your link.

Websites that are ranked on the first page (positions 1 to 10) are in the most desired spots. Only around 10% of users of the Google search engine click beyond page 1. Spots 1-3 can expect around 35%, 15% and 10% of the total monthly volume of traffic for a particular keyword.


A Good ROI

If you’re counting positions on the first page, then you want to start after the featured ad spots, if there are any. These are PPC (pay per click) campaigns. This is a very effective marketing channel, however it carries an element of risk as you’re bidding for keywords and paying for each time a user clicks, regardless of action.

SEO is organic activity, that is done well, is a highly cost-effective marketing channel that will maximise your return of investment. Granted, you may need to outsource this at a cost, but often this is less than the cost of employing a person in-house.

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Increased Sales

Getting high rankings for your website is half of a two-part strategy when it comes to successfully executing SEO.

As a business, extra visitors looks great on paper, but if your visitors are not doing what you want them to do, you’re accomplishing little more than a branding exercise.

What businesses really want is sales. In other words, you want to generate revenue. Whether your goals are to get direct sales via your ecommerce website, for users to submit a call back request or to grow a subscription list, your users need to have intent to buy.

This means two things. The first is that the users you target are those in ‘buying’ mode rather than ‘research’ mode. The second is that the entry point to your website that you’ve driven users to, is relevant to search and quickly solves a need.

Both of the above come down to careful planning of your keyword research and the keyword mapping to your sitemap. You also want to make sure you design offers a simple user experience.

A good website design is down to your web developer, but great websites are produced when a web developer and an SEO expert work together to make sure users find the site, are retained on the siteand engage with the site.

SEO Is an Ongoing Process

There are many techniques that should be applied in order to maximise SEO, but the greatest of all is to produce content continuously. The generation of dynamic content is the most important element of SEO as it:

  • Shows you are an active business or brand
  • Gives you the opportunity to answer a customer need more dynamically
  • Enables users to download content for later use
  • Offers users the chance for users to share information online

The more informative your site is, the more engaging it is to users and the more Google will favour this when deciding who to rank where in the search engine results pages.

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