Remarketing has been on the incline for several years now, and its introduction into Google Adwords in particular has meant an opportunity to convert website visitors who, for whatever reason, didn’t convert on their first visit.

Building your accountancy brand

Remarketing for accountancy firms comes into its own as a brand awareness tool. By enabling you to target an advert for the specific product that was viewed by individual users, it reinforces association with that product and your brand in their minds.

Despite having been around for some time, remarketing is still not as widely used as regular PPC marketing among accountants, so utilising it can give your business an edge on the competition. You can choose to run text ads, mobile optimised ads, display ads such as skyscrapers on the Google Display Network or a combination of all three to encourage users to return and convert with you rather than a competitor. Being more targeted, a remarketing ad can offer a more personal message that promises to solve the customer’s problem, as opposed to relying on a generic advert for a specific search term to capture their business.

Remarketing on other platforms

Far from being an activity that’s confined to Adwords, accountancy remarketing campaigns can be run on social media platforms for additional brand promotion. Customer lists can now be uploaded to Facebook, for example, to target those who dropped out of a sale before completing it.

Facebook adverts can be customised and targeted to people depending on the specific action they took on your website; if they started to complete a request for help with a tax return, for example, and left the site without submitting it, you can target them with a highly relevant message encouraging them to return and convert.

Why use remarketing for your accountancy firm?

 Remarketing is, on the whole, a cheaper way of advertising than regular PPC. The cost per click is typically lower and conversion rate can be remarkably high, depending on the quality of the ad text and landing page. This means your spend goes further on ‘hot’ leads, rather than on people who may be looking for something different to your accountancy firm’s offering.

In addition, you can target previous visitors with exclusive deals, relevant promotions and product launches that may interest them. This is an opportunity to encourage them to recognise the value in your brand and its offering, keeping them coming back each time they need a product or service that you provide.

More marketing tips for accounting firms

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Will remarketing help with my firm's branding?
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Will remarketing help with my firm's branding?
With vast competition, remarketing has become an important aspect online. Have a look at this article if you have not yet discovered the benefits of remarketing.

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