Implementing a successful public relations (PR) strategy can be highly effective, particularly if you’re looking to boost your profile without running up a huge advertising budget. It’s an effective way to network, get your brand known, and inform potential clients about business updates, so let’s take a closer look at why real public relations is worth its salt.

Great way to launch a new product or service

If you’re looking to launch a new product or service, the right PR can help get this off the ground, but all outgoing correspondence, marketing and information must be handled in the right way. In short, it usually takes more than a quick press release or phone call to get people excited. While many marketing teams come up with launch ideas and expect the PR team to spread the word, the PR gurus should actually work closely with the marketers to develop an idea that’s interesting, easily marketable, and an effective use of company money.

One such example of effective PR came from Portsmouth-based company All About Tea – a well-known manufacturer of loose and bagged tea. The company attracted media attention by creating the world’s largest teabag which measure an impressive 2.4m by 2.4m in size and unveiled it aboard the HMS Warrior. The 120kg teabag not only broke records, but attracted media attention from local press as well as the BBC and ITV. Of course, this was great for brand recognition, and was an effective way to get people talking without being overly pushy or salesy.

PR is an effective way to take centre stage

As All About Tea proved, clever PR is an effective way to take centre stage – all be it temporarily – and remind the world you exist. It encourages consumers to choose you over other popular brands, and increases your visibility. This, in turn, will hopefully result in growing sales when combined with on-going marketing techniques. Loyal customers tend to stick with products they know and love, but the main difficulty is getting them to try what you have to offer in the first place. After all, how can they come back for more if they’ve not sampled your product?

There are millions of companies out there, so it really is important to think outside the box and be as creative as possible, with your PR and marketing strategies. Releasing press releases or placing an advert in a magazine might result in a small surge in business but, with multiple companies fighting to make their mark, your marketing messages could be easily lost in the noisy crowd unless you do something more memorable.

Good networking tool

Of course, to work in PR it helps if you’re good with people, as it’s all about forming bonds with clients, and networking your way to more money. As well as emailing and phoning important people within the business sphere, the PR team should also focus on arranging social events; real-life meetings are as important as Skype or mobile calls. When you can put a face to a name and shake someone’s hand, your business suddenly becomes more tangible, more real, and more accessible. Your mission and passion for the work you do should be more than just a slogan here or an advert there.

Public relations is a wonderful tool for companies if used correctly. While lazy, uninspiring PR will get you nowhere quickly, originality could work wonders and see you stand out from the competition. Focus your creativity and budget towards an effective PR campaign and you could soon be seeing your business scaling new heights.

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Why real public relations is worth its salt
Article Name
Why real public relations is worth its salt
Looking at why real public relations can be beneficial to many aspects of your business.

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