The Benefit of Infographics for SEO

You’re no-doubt familiar with infographics – those images and text graphics that provide a more visually appealing means of communicating information than large blocks of text. In fact, we have one on this very page. But how exactly do infographics benefit the search engine optimisation (SEO) of your website? Below we take a look at some of the benefits of creating visually engaging infographics as a means of boosting SEO performance and communicating effectively with your audience.

  1. Boost interest

Content that is visually engaging – and which is more than plain text – attracts greater interest in users.

  1. Build an audience

People are more likely to learn with material that is visually appealing, so creating an effective infographic will help develop an audience keen to learn.

  1. Make it viral

Investing in a great infographic – and we mean great – gives you the potential of going viral, with the content being shared between users and increasing the audience.

  1. Brand awareness

Search volume is often driven by branded terms – think Coca Cola or Volvo, for example – so getting your brand known is key to online success. Attach your logo to an infographic and users will soon become accustomed to your brand.

  1. Better understanding

Providing bitesize chunks of information in a visually appealing manner helps users better understand the messages you are communicating.

  1. Attract links

If the infographic you produce is truly informative and great to look at, you can anticipate other websites linking back to your page, thereby improving search engine performance.

  1. Increase time on site

Rich media such as infographics have been found to help increase the time a user spends on a website. The longer a user stays, the better it is for SEO.

  1. Can be easily embedded by others

If you make your infographic embeddable by including the embed code beneath your graphic, you can help others easily place the image on their own sites, thereby increasing the audience and attracting links.

  1. Be seen as an expert

The cumulative effect of each benefit above, along with the authoritative use of information in your graphic, will help set you apart as an expert in your field – something which is essential to any business.

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Why infographics are good for SEO
How infographics can boost your SEO Performance and help you engage communicate better with customers.

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