In more than one marketing department across the country, there is a director saying to his staff, “If you can’t track it, don’t bother”.

This may seem a bit extreme – after all, getting the software to track everything can be costly and not all businesses have the resource to analyse the data coming in, but to truly understand the impact and performance of your marketing campaigns, the relevant tracking absolutely vital.

Why track calls?

The answer to this is fairly obvious, but let’s explore it from a few angles. Not all businesses will receive a high volume of calls compared to online enquiries, but there are still many out there, including a lot of accounting firms, that have a demographic who prefers to call.

Let’s assume for a moment that only 50% of your customers convert online. That’s half your enquiries, then, that can’t be tracked as genuine leads into the business. You may record volumes on your CRM system, but you have no way of knowing what the source of the call was, or whether a conversion was made or it was a general enquiry, unless the call centre agents are instructed to ask.

Where your calls come from is the key to establishing which marketing campaigns are working and which aren’t. You may think that you get a lot of leads from that ad you place in the press every month, but without proper tracking, you’ll never know if you’re spending thousands of pounds for very little return. In order to refine and develop your marketing strategy, knowledge like this is essential.

A little research

Naturally research and case studies are conducted all the time to look at the how campaign tracking has saved companies money and improved their campaign targeting. One piece of our research, for example, showed that 90% of the firm in question’s clients made first contact via phone. Only 10% contacted them via other channels, including online chat, emails and social. Without call tracking, the vast majority of data on campaign performance is lost in this instance.

Another example: a firm we recently worked with had placed an advert in a consumer magazine because, they said, “It wasn’t too expensive and we always do”. With call tracking in place, they realised that they received a minimal number of phone calls from the ad, and almost no ROI, and consequently chose to spend that money on other things.

Depending on the size of your budget and scale of your marketing, it’s possible to realise as much as 30% in marketing savings, which can be reattributed to other, more successful channels following proper data analysis.

What call tracking can actually track

Call tracking software doesn’t simply tell you how many calls came into your business that day and how many were answered. It can do much more if used properly by your marketing and contact centre teams. For example, it’s possible to assign numbers to each campaign you run, both online and offline, gain insight into where the majority of your callers are from, whether local, national or international, determine lead times between first contact and purchase to inform your campaigns and so forth.

Software and options

There are a number of call tracking options out there; some accounting firms choose to use providers such as MediaHawk or Response Tap, others will use software that is provided by their marketing agency. Each option has its benefits and drawbacks, but in most cases, the software can be integrated with Google Analytics to ensure call statistics are fed into the overall conversion mix.

How the software is configured to integrate with Analytics depends on the product, but once in, it’s possible to look at aspects of the data in the same way that you analyse web conversions. There is not always the same level of detail; for example, many products will capture phone numbers that won’t, for data security, be transferred into web analytics programmes.

The bottom line is that instead of relying on anecdotal evidence from your call centre staff and gut instinct on where to spend money, you’ll know for sure where to promote your brand.

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Why call tracking is vital for your accountancy firm
Article Name
Why call tracking is vital for your accountancy firm
Here are a few reasons why call tracking is a vital element in understanding the performance of your marketing.

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