Whitefish Marketing expanding further afield in Shepway with blog column in local newspaper – Folkestone Herald

Although actively providing advice and guidance on many other business information portals, the Kent-based digital agency has now focused its attention at a more local level and, as of December 2014, Whitefish Marketing have started a blog column in local press website.

(First article http://www.folkestoneherald.co.uk/5-cost-effective-way-optimise-company-s-online/story-25728773-detail/story.html)

Offering business support, with tips and suggestions in their specialist field of digital search, Whitefish Marketing look to help small- and start-up businesses find their feet in the turbulent sea that is internet marketing.

Chris Surridge – Marketing Director – remarks on their latest involvement.

“Helping start-ups and small businesses is essential for economic growth in the UK.  Over 99% of business revenue in the UK comes from SMEs and sadly approximately half will fail within the first five years, if not the first.  At Whitefish Marketing, we attend business trade shows, exhibitions & seminars to promote our services which help new business start-ups get that initial boost and find stability quicker. 

We have started to establish a name for ourselves through helping start-ups, and that coverage has been pronounced through increased readership levels on our blog.  We write advice and research pieces for a number of business sites, but are especially pleased to now establish a connection with local press, Folkestone Herald.  Having first setup in Shepway ourselves, it is nice that we now have an added platform to help other businesses in our local community.”

Moving forward, Whitefish Marketing will look to expand on their Business News Blog column within the Folkestone Herald website, offering regular tips, advice and latest pertinent news on digital marketing for small businesses.

Whitefish Marketing now blogging on Folkestone Herald
Article Name
Whitefish Marketing now blogging on Folkestone Herald
Digital Agency, Whitefish Marketing, now expand their blog column and provide news, tips, articles and research on digital marketing elements relevant to small businesses, on local Shepway press site - Folkestone Herald.

About Chris Surridge

Chris Surridge is an experienced Digital Marketing Director with a wealth of knowledge on Search Marketing Strategies and Conversion Analysis. His value is in strategic planning for client accounts, and his consultative services.