Understanding the importance of your firms website

Accounting firms are understanding the importance of having an accounting website. They know that more and more clients are going to be using the internet to find the accounting firm for them and even if they have been recommended a firm by word of mouth they will still go online to research the practice first.

Therefore, it is important to have a strong online presence. Most firms, when considering designing a new website immediately turn their attention to accountancy website templates as that is what they have seen heavily advertised on television and see them as easy and affordable whereas bespoke designs conjure up thoughts of expensive graphic designers.

However, for many accountancy practices, this bespoke design approach is actually the better option and it is almost definitely not as expensive as you may think. Standardised accountancy website templates come littered with issues and may become a false economy. Let’s look at some reasons why the bespoke approach may be the better option for you.


Problems with Standardised Accountancy Website Templates

Standardisation certainly has its place, mainly in helping get inspiration for designs and layouts or for accounting firms who need a website up and running very quickly at a very low cost. However, with standardisation comes several problems. Here are a few.

  1. Duplicate Design Layouts:  If you are buying a cheap, off the shelf accountancy website template, then it is highly likely that there are going to be loads of other people using exactly the same template. This means your design will be replicated across many other competitors.  In a sector where you are trying to convince clients to choose your accounting firm over your competitors, you want to differentiate yourself based on quality of service. Having the exact same accountancy website template as other accounting firms is not going to help you do this, no matter what the content on the site itself says.
  1. Lack of customisation:  You won’t be able to customise these cheaper accountancy website templates or at the very best you will be limited as to how much you can customise it. These templates come pre-coded so you are often stuck with what you’ve got out of the box. What this leads to is the template dictating how your website looks and feels rather than you, the business, dictating how your website should look and feel to best reflect you and your clients needs.
  1. Outdated coding:  Some accountancy website templates use either non-friendly search engine coding or old coding. This means that the way in which your site has been designed could actually penalise you in the search engine rankings rather than promote you. Of course, it will be difficult for you to identify this as you are not a coding expert, but it may mean that you don’t get the traffic or enquiry conversions that you desire.  A good example of this would be mobile friendly compatibility. In a time where Google has announced how paramount mobile optimisation is to search algorithm, it is surprising to see how many accounting firms still have a website which is not mobile friendly.  But sadly, this is often due to the outdated platform on which their website is built. 

Benefits of Bespoke Accountancy Website Design

So, you now know some of the problems associated with standardised accountancy website templates. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of using bespoke accountancy website design.

  1. Brand reflection:  You get a customised design that reflects your firm's brand identity.  A customised website design looks far more professional to prospective clients and will allow you to differentiate your accountancy firm from others in a crowded marketplace.

  1. CMS Functionality:   Having an accountancy website designed with you in mind means that it can be built to allow content updates with ease at latter dates - usually through the form of a CMS system (Content Management System).  This allows you to update content on your site with a few simple clicks and produce content that is not only engaging for potential customers but also that will be recognised by search engines resulting in potentially higher rankings.  Moreover, it allows you to have greater autonomous control over your firm's website, without the need to incur developer costs at every step of the way.

  1. Better SEO facilities:  Bespoke accountancy website designs will consider search engine optimisation and digital marketing issues. This means that the way in which your site is built will be structured in a manner which will be rewarded by search engines rather than penalised. This gives you the potential to rank higher which in turn may bring more traffic to your site. It also means that should you wish to adopt digital marketing later on, then you won’t pay extra for your website to be adapted for it, it comes ready.  Many off the shelf packages don't have the capability to extend past the basis for SEO optimisation.  Having a customised site means having the flexibility to carry out the majority of SEO elements needed to enhance your firm's online profile.

  1. Future Proofing:  A bespoke accountancy website design can help to future-proof against industry changes.  e.g. When the mobile algorithm announcement was made by Google, we found those firms without "off the shelf" website packages were able to move and adapt quicker than their counterparts, thus staying ahead of their competition.


How Can We Help With Your Accountancy Website Development?

Here at Whitefish Marketing, we are specialists in the accounting and finance industry and we have dedicated web developers who can design the perfect bespoke accountancy website to suit your needs. We implement industry best practices to your site and build the site on the best CMS (Content Management System) available, WordPress. This enables you to edit and update the site with ease in the future as well as it looking great today.

We also have graphic designers and professional accountancy copywriters all of whom contribute to the site ensuring that you have had a team of highly specialised individuals working on your site to make it the best it possibly can be. We take the time to understand your business and make sure that the site really reflects your personality and business.

As you can now see, there are several issues with standardised templates and many benefits of bespoke accountancy website design. This website is going to be your shop window. The place where clients come to research your services and make decisions whether to choose you or a competing accountancy firm. This is your opportunity to get clients in the door and doing it right could lead to new custom and more profit. It is therefore vital that you get this right and bespoke designs, made with your company and its clients in mind can help deliver this.

Get in touch today and we can organise a meeting over the phone or in person to see how we can help you maximise your online opportunity.  Whitefish Marketing operate in Folkestone, Kent, but we handle website design and SEO marketing for clients throughout the UK.

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