Search Engine Optimisation and what it does

For many businesses, maximising revenue while limiting marketing investment used to bean ambition that was as desirable as it was unachievable. How times have changed. With the advent of digital marketing and internet usage, almost any business can achieve greater exposure than ever without spending a fortune. And herein lies the secret behind the popularity of search engine optimisation (SEO).

Regardless of size and experience, most businesses have, at some point, asked “what is SEO?” The discipline of SEO is the process of getting traffic to a website through organic – i.e. free – search results in search engines. For example, when somebody enters “plumbers in Kent” into Google, the results returned at the top of the page (and below the paid adverts) are most likely to receive the highest proportion of clicks. Such a click represents organic traffic, and has effectively cost the company nothing to obtain (in that you didn’t have to pay for an advert placement). As such, it’s highly desirable for a company website to be well optimised.

So what does SEO entail?

Of course, to say that it’s cost nothing for the company to achieve is somewhat misleading. Effective SEO entails a number of tasks to be carried out in order to improve search rankings and website performance. As search engines have become more advanced in how they index data and information, this list of tasks has evolved and grown, requiring SEO professionals to take on more and more responsibility. For example, just some of the tasks essential to SEO are:

  • Data analysis
  • Competitor research
  • Keyword research
  • Social media marketing
  • Technical audits
  • Content creation
  • Local SEO listings
  • On-page optimisation (meta tags, header tags, images, etc.)
  • Maintaining industry best practice
  • Link building
  • User experience
  • Design
  • Conversion rate optimisation

These tasks are just the tip of the iceberg, with each broken down into smaller demands. As such, investing in the services of SEO professionals is essential for anyone looking to be successful online.

Do I need SEO?

 If you’re a business looking to drive customers and boost revenue, or even just a website looking increase traffic, SEO is fundamental to your success. SEO is like the foundations for your “digital marketing” building.  Without it, all other digital marketing elements will not be as secure or effective.  Also, with so much competition online, standing out from a crowd and achieving the attention you deserve has never been harder. Investing in the services of SEO professionals, therefore, can help drive additional traffic and leads to your business.So, if you’ve ever asked yourself “do I need SEO?” you now know the answer.

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What exactly is SEO?
Article Name
What exactly is SEO?
Understanding what SEO is and whether it would be good for your business

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