Are you Using Email Marketing in the Most Efficient Form to Attract and Retain Clients?

Increasing the Efficiency of your Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most traditional forms of digital marketing and it’s reasonably inexpensive to execute.

Granted, social media marketing and search marketing (SEO and PPC) are more likely to form the crux of your digital marketing strategy, but email marketing rightly deserves its place in that strategy. After all, email is far more instant since the introduction of smart phones and devices, meaning you can reach your audience in real-time.

So how do you know if you are using email marketing efficiently?

In a digital world, with so many interruptions, users are even more ruthless when it comes to filtering out marketing pitches.

Social networking, text, online chat, email – management of digital media is much more time-consuming for the individual, meaning that as a marketer, you have to work even harder to grab the attention of your audience.

But get it right and you can successfully drive conversions, increase traffic volume to your site and boost customer retention.

So what factors should be considered for a successful email marketing campaign?

Mailing list

Maintaining your mailing list is important to ensure your target market is accurate. Regular cleaning of your marketing database is well worth the investment if you want the highest chance of your recipient list opening their email.

Email Delivery

Ensure your emails aren’t going to be blocked by spam filters before you hit send on your campaign. A natural way of doing this is to avoid using spam words and attachments to your email. Both will give you a higher risk of the emails getting blocked. You can further improve your chances of your emails getting through by using a free online spam testing tool like Contactology or Mailing Check.


To produce the most successful marketing campaigns, your content marketing must be spot on. This is where a good copywriter and graphic designer come in handy. Your copywriter should be adept at creating punchy email subject lines that maximise open rate. Your pitch should be clear, concise and engaging.Your call to action needs to stand out and encourage readers to click.

Split testing

Split testing is a great way to improve open rates and call to actions for future campaigns.  Split testing is an A/B test that enables you to test two versions of a campaign simultaneously, to measure which is the most successful. The campaigns are delivered to 50/50 recipients and then the results measured.

New opportunities

As a follow up to email campaigns, it’s important to stay engaged with customers to cultivate lasting relationships. Furthermore, customer lists can be segmented, to improve targeting and messaging for future or ongoing campaigns.

However you decide to execute your email marketing strategy, your campaigns should be tightly woven into your overall digital marketing strategy.

Need Help with your Email Marketing?

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