Trend Predictions that could Shape the Future of Marketing

Marketers are always on their toes trying to predict the next biggest trends that will shape the future of marketing. Whether it is for themselves, their companies or clients, they are always looking for answers to questions like how to adjust the present campaigns to meet the future expectations? How to make their clients the biggest brands, etc. An article by Jeff Beer on Fast Company, collected 25 future trends that will transform the marketing landscape within a few years. Based on how the top innovators in marketing and advertising drive the future market, here are 5 trends that will emerge as game changers.

Mobile will rule the marketing world:

Turn your head around and you’ll find a multitude of mobile devices keeping people busy. From cell phones, smart phones, tablets and wearable gadgets, the new generation is captivated by various mobile devices. This evolution of the hand held devices will rule the marketing world in the coming years. As the focus is more on mobile devices, companies will be able to build personal relationships and gain trust of their customers.


Customer expectation is changing and they are demanding more engagement from the brands they trust. This will also increase the demand for transparency. Customers will value brands that walk the talk and eliminate those who still haven’t considered transparency of customer dealings as essential to build trust.

Content Remains the King:

Content in all forms, especially visual content will attract all attention. Marketers have to adapt to newer marketing models and create amazing and influential content at a faster speed, to become successful. User generated content will also be of equal importance. Social media engagements, blogs, reviews, etc will help to create positive impacts on your consumers.

Social Marketing:

Social media is the future of marketing, so as the impact becomes stronger, most marketers will move their marketing focus towards various social channels. Through social media channels businesses will be able to create brand communities and interact with the customers directly.  This will help them gain customer loyalty and these brand advocates will do all the needful (spread the word about your business) to bring their brands in focus. Brands just focusing on the Millennials (those born between early 1980s to early 2000s) will have to change their strategies to become relevant to consumers of all age groups.


Creating happy customers is not enough, you will have to think of innovative ways to retain and satisfy customers. Brands are required to create more value for their customers along with offering great services. For this the brands have to rely on relationship building rather than push marketing. Brands who value customer emotions will be rewards and the others still clinging to traditional marketing will be washed off.

To make the marketing campaigns even more effective in the future, businesses need to measure the marketing success more efficiently. Rather than relying on metrics like number of shares, likes and tweets, look for more realistic data that will indicate customer behaviours. Rather than trusting hypothetical ideas, believe in practical data.

Top 5 Trends to Shape the Future of Marketing
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Top 5 Trends to Shape the Future of Marketing
Trying to predict the next biggest trends that will shape the future of marketing - read more on Search Engine Marketing with Whitefish Marketing

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