Understanding the Digital Arena

As a specialist Accountancy digital marketing company, we know only too well the level of competition that exists in the Accounting industry.

In a saturated market, where a firm’s objectives are to grow clients through the promotion of existing and new products, an intelligent digital marketing strategy is key.

While Accounting firms are busy developing professional services to help the UK Economy and striving to retain clients, Accountancy marketing is often neglected, with lack of time being the biggest factor.

In this blog, we have chosen to share some top Accountancy marketing tips to educate you on what you can be doing to get ahead of your competition. Here they are:

1 Get social

Social media marketing is a highly effective way of getting free online exposure for your brand. Not only can you promote your products and services freely in the public domain, you can also listen to what people are saying and identify needs, which you can then engage with. There are also paid options where you can run highly targeted marketing campaigns for a small fee.

2 Understand analytics (user behaviour)


If you can understand why a user takes a particular action online, you can gain an insight in to what is right and what could be wrong with your website’s user experience. For example, if you have a high rate of people bouncing off your site from mobile traffic, without engaging, it could be that your site is not responsive to display on different devices.Google Analytics is a great tool for analysing user behaviour and KPI reporting.

3 Promote authoritative content

The release of the Google Panda algorithm drummed into all marketers the importance of well written, original content, but if your content doesn’t make you stand out from your competitors, it could be a waste of resources creating it. Promoting authoritative content that positions you as a financial expert will raise the bar on the quality of content you produce. It is also more likely to get picked up via PR channels and via social media, which will increase your online exposure and grow your network of inbound links.

4 Consider PPC

Whilst you should ensure that organic (natural search) should feature highly in your digital marketing strategy, PPC (pay per click) is worth running simultaneously to cover bases. Some deem PPC the most effective online marketing channel as it generates a high return on investment. Traffic is highly targeted, meaning they are more likely to engage with your site. Your brand is also visible at the top of the list of SERPs (search engine results pages) for the terms you target, which is great exposure.

5 Think keywords

To ensure you are correctly targeting users looking for accountancy services, you need to think about the keywords that best sum up your business. This includes generic keywords that describe the market you are in and the types of service available, for example “chartered accountants”, but also more niche terms that positon you as a business within your market and describe your USPs.


6 Referral schemes

Do you offer any kind of customer incentive for new business referrals? Some financial companies, including banks, offer cash back schemes and vouchers for introducing new customers that sign up. This is a great marketing tool that can be promoted from your site via social share buttons, or via guest blogs and press releases. It’s also a great way of getting the edge over your competitors.


7 Networking

Networking doesn’t have to just be restricted to Accountancy events and trade shows such as Accountex. We’ve covered social media already but certain social networks provide a great space within which you can network with businesses and individuals. You may have a list of companies you want to target for Accountancy products or services. Following them online is a great way to network. If you’re looking at ways to encourage companies to follow your accountancy firm, posting authoritative content is accountancy groups on LinkedIn is a good way of getting recognised.


8 Develop useful apps for your clients

Similar to point 6 (referral schemes), a useful app that is available to download for free is a great way of getting the edge over competitors. Accountancy based apps could include calculators, tax tables or income trackers. Apps provide a unique edge to be marketed to a target audience (such as students or sole traders) and increase the level of exposure via the medium of App Stores.


9 Email campaigns (sign up request)

There may be a plethora of cutting edge digital marketing techniques available to accountancy firms, but the traditional digital marketing methods are still important. Email marketing is an effective way of keeping people informed, especially in a world where email is now received in real-time. In the past it may have taken a few days or weeks for people to log on and check their emails. Email marketing is inexpensive and campaign results are easy to track. It can also be easily integrated with other marketing methods.


10 Blog. A lot

We cannot emphasise enough the importance of blogging. Blogging enables you to add fresh, original content to your site on a regular basis and it is an indication to both users and search engines that you are active, current and willing to share your expertise. Blogging, although time-consuming, is free and has the potential to gain exposure via social networks, PR channels and industry publications or accountancy authority figures.


11 PR and content outreach


PR and content outreach should feature in your digital marketing strategy. We’ve covered the importance of producing authoritative content that makes you stand out as a brand and we’ve looked at inexpensive ways of promoting that content, but a little help is always beneficial to elevate your marketing and strengthen your efforts. PR is all about building relationships for the promotion of your content marketing – selecting the best outreach methods for the type of content you are promoting.

12 Build good quality links

Google is driven by the desire to deliver quality results to the user in the SERPs. In doing this, it filters out sites that might have links to or from poor quality sites. Whilst the quantity of inbound links used to be a key metric in determining the weight of your site, a high quantity of links can now actually be harmful to your sites performance if you are buying links for the sakes of growing the volume of links back to your site. We highly recommend spending time building a link network with trusted sites that have a high domain authority and avoiding mistakes when link building.

For More Information on Digital Marketing

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