The Dos and Don’ts for Accountants on Linkedin

With over 340 million users spanning 200 different countries, LinkedIn is a popular and useful network for professionals the world over. But as with any social network, it’s surprisingly easy to get things wrong. Giving a bad impression could damage your chances of making connections and advancing your accounting career or firm. Here are a list of ‘dos’ and ‘dont’s’ that LinkedIn’s smartest adhere to.


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DO treat your profile like an extended CV – use an appropriate, professional image, keep information up to date and easy to read. The current description should clearly state what your position is, and the various services your accountancy firm offers, whilst highlighting key achievements.


DON'T let your profile stagnate. As with all social media, best practice is to ensure regular activity, even if that means only two posts per week (To help promote you to your clients as a voice of authority in the accounting industry).  It’s a much more consistent approach than sporadically posting six times in one day.


DO use everyday language and check your spelling and grammar. Business-speak or jargon is an irritation for most people, and won’t make you sound any smarter – in fact, it’ll turn many people off altogether.


DO link to valuable resources. Linking to videos or images that help users to find out more about your accounting services is a valid use of media on your LinkedIn profile. Linking to videos of your team singing karaoke for charity isn’t. Save that for Facebook.


DON'T send spammy messages out to people. LinkedIn messaging is not the place for a sales pitch, nor is it a way of bombarding your connections with updates about your business. Keep messages relevant and personal.


DO your research before connecting with people. There’s nothing more annoying than being contacted by some random business owner who has no connection to your sector. Ensure that the people you request connections from can immediately see why a relationship would be helpful. And instead of using the generic message, tell them why you want to connect specifically with them.


DO participate in group discussions and interact with those you have built relationships with. Nurturing relationships and getting your voice heard not only presents you as an authority in your industry, it also keeps you front of mind for others, which has the potential to result in new business. It’s also wise to remember that what you post reflects on your business, so try to avoid making negative comments.


DON'T spend all our time talking about how great you are. To build good relationships and to be seen as a valuable contributor to discussions, you need to focus 90% of your energies on helping other people and providing useful or thoughtful input into conversations.


DON'T post dead links. Just as you would check your spelling on a post, make sure you check that the links direct users to the pages they’re supposed to.


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The Dos and Don'ts for Accountants on Linkedin
Article Name
The Dos and Don'ts for Accountants on Linkedin
A list of dos and don'ts to adhere to on Linkedin

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