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talkshop kent social media discussion(Image - Natalie Adams: Even Co-Organizer)

The topic: Social Media in Business - the power of Likes, #'s and Retweets 

From time to time our team here (let’s call them “The Whitefishers”… hmmm… we will give that one some more thought) get to be unshackled from their desks, let off the reigns, and free to attend outside meetings and discussions.  In actual fact, it is heavily encouraged 🙂

So on that note, we were lucky to be invited along to last night’s Talkshop Kent event, hosted at The Academy - The Wave, organized by Carolyne and Natalie Adams, entitled: “Social Media in business – the power of Likes, #s and Retweets”

Aside from the complimentary beers, soft drinks and snacks (thank you very much), we had an action packed agenda for the evening.

A Social Agenda 

(see what I did there?)  Here's what was on the cards for the night:

1. What role does Social Media play in making (or breaking) a brand image? Who is getting it right?

2. What are the opportunities and challenges with having an instant 2 way dialogue with your:

  • customers
  • competitors
  • employees

3. How can Social Media support learning?

4. What are your thoughts on privacy and data collection through Social Media?

Let's Chat!

Instead of an initial presentation, the evening took on a thoroughly discursive approach with 4 breakout tables accommodating the 20+ individuals who attended.  The conversations were broad and enlightening, delving into the topics of Social media.

Controversial questions put forward to the groups included the likes of:

-          Who is responsible for the abuse or misuse of private data on social networks – the network provider, or the individual committing the nuisance?

-          What percentage of posts/comments is deemed more self-centred (and a little narcissistic) compared to comments on third party activities or altruistic posts?

-          What is the best way to handle an aggressive customer complaining through your company’s social media channel?

-          Who dictates the social media activity on a channel?  The publisher/company, or its audience members?

-          Do you disagree with company’s who only adopt a “broadcast” approach to social media, thus not allowing fans to post themselves?

-          Despite controversy surrounding personal data collection through social channels, would you really notice any change if they changed the laws and removed it?

-          Is retargeting on Social channels getting too much?

-          How useful is geo-orientated social sites, and do they (or will they eventually) have bearing for localised SEO?

-          How does your activity differ from social platform to social platform?  I.e. surely what you do on Facebook is not the same as you act on Linkedin?

-          And many many more topics, which sparked interesting debates.

The Wave in Kent (The Wave - in Hythe, Kent)

TalkShop Kent's Events 

Whilst this was Talkshop Kent’s second event – I believe the first was orientated around the impact of mobile technology on business – it was the first occasion members from Whitefish Marketing attended.  It was highly interesting and informative.  I liked that we were able to offer some ideas and suggestions based around our experience within the industry, but likewise there were challenges to make us think outside the box, and we gleaned a couple of new initiatives that we may look to adopt in the future.  (thanks to Simon Wood for his suggestions)

Although the attendees predominantly comprised of staff from the Holiday Extras group, including Short Breaks and other subsidiaries (after all, they are kindly providing the premises for the event) there were a number of outside parties joining, and this has already grown since the first event, which only had 1 external member. (who co-incidentally was delighted to come back for this second meeting)

Host, Natalie Adams, did remark that the event is open to everyone, all businesses and staff alike, who are interested in the broader spectrum of digital technology and internet.  So far the number of external parties has risen to about 25% of the audience, and she hopes that as the events progress word will spread and more and more external influencers will join the group.

From us here at Whitefish Marketing... we look forward to attending one!

Want to Join the Next Talkshop Kent Event? 

For further information of TalkShop Kent Events, join their official Meetup page here: 


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Talkshop Kent - Social Media in Business
Talkshop Kent is an industry roundtable discussion event, offering topics relating to a broader field of Digital technology and the Internet . Members from Whitefish Marketing were pleased to attend and join in the conversation.

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