The Dos and Don’ts of Email Marketing

On the third day of Christmas, the Whitefish Team gave me – tips on email strategy Email marketing is an old but trusty tool in your digital marketing toolbox, but it requires careful planning. Too aggressive and you risk losing your contacts. Too generic and your message won’t resonate. In previous blogs we have looked […]

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Email Marketing Campaigns

Blogger Outreach: How to Write Outreach Emails That Rock

Email outreach is probably one of the most important tools to capture your users attention. Here's a useful guide to create an email that rocks.

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Marketing Myths

5 Accountancy marketing myths you should be aware of

Whitefish Marketing explain 5 Accountancy marketing myths you should be aware of. For more information on online marketing contact our Folkestone team!

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Successful Email Marketing

Are you Using Email Marketing in the Most Efficient Form to Attract and Retain Clients?

Here are some effective and successful ways of gaining retention from clients and boosting traffic with your email marketing campaign.

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Tips for improving client retention with email marketing for accountancy firms

How to utilise email marketing for improved client retention

A guide for accountancy firms to improve client retention with utilising your email marketing correctly.

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Christmas day2 email marketing

2nd Day of Pre-Christmas Marketing Email Campaigns

Our second topic for our "12 Days of Pre-Christmas Marketing" looks at the cost effective method of increasing retention sales, through the use of email marketing to your existing customer base.

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Big Christmas Sale

12 Days of Pre-Christmas Marketing Tips

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