Helping you with your Online Marketing in 2017

As 2016 draws to a close, it’s time to review the success of its online marketing activity across the year and look at what trends to expect from online marketing in 2017.

Whilst there is still time to squeeze out last minute results for 2016 (see our blog on last minute SEO tips before Christmas), businesses are now focusing on what they can do differently to achieve annual growth.

Top 3 Online Marketing Trends for 2017

2016 was an eventful year for online marketing. With the explosion of Augmented Reality and Live Streaming, things have definitely been hotting up when it comes to diversity of content. And it is estimated that the heat will definitely be on in 2017.

1 - Live Video Streaming

Thanks to go-live features such as Facebook Live,YouTube Live Streaming, Snapchat Video Chat and Instagram Stories, social media users are becoming more and more familiar with real-time interaction. That hasn’t gone unnoticed by marketing companies and brands either.

Check out these 5 companies who have used live video streaming in the marketing strategies. One of these was BuzzFeed who, back in April, live streamed staff trying to make a watermelon explode.


Live streaming enables brands to visually exploit their expertise, giving their customers an ‘in-the-moment experience’. This can be anything from tutorials and product demonstrations, to games and competitions.

The downside to this is that live streaming runs the risk of putting brands in a vulnerable position. Unlike video marketing, which can be shot, re-shot and edited, live streaming leaves no room for error.

If done well however, brands could well be looking at increased loyalty among their target audience, with potential clients favouring their transparency and creativity.

2 - Augmented Reality

Seemingly, consumers aren’t just familiar with seeing raw reality in real-time. They are also familiar with real-time reality that is distorted with digital effects and made interactive.

The biggest example of this in 2016 was the Pokemon Go trend. This saw millions of gamers walking around in the real world in a zombified state, glued to their phones as they used GPS to capture Pokemon.

Whilst the Pokemon Go trend has calmed down, the concept of AR is very much gaining momentum. App builders are already specialising is AR and I don’t think it will be long before some of the world’s biggest brands create genius AR based marketing campaigns. Some have already embraced this trend

The Tesco Home Book catalogue used Augmented Reality to deliver product information to consumers in a creative and engaging way. Among a host of AR features, the Home Book included a cushion visualiser, which enabled shoppers to see how Tesco’s range of soft furnishing would look in their home.

3 - Engaging Content

Yes ok, we’ve all been banging on about creative content for a number of years now, so it’s hardly a new online marketing trend for 2017, but as emerging technology makes it possible to keep creating new and diverse content, the bar keeps getting set higher and higher.

Year after year marketers are having to up their game to engage users in a way they identify with as being current and exciting.

For 2017 brands are expected to diversify their content even greater than before, employing digital content agencies to devise and deliver outstanding content marketing strategies.

So there you have it. 3 online marketing trends for 2017. There are of course many others, but these are the top ones that we felt would have the most impact across the coming year.

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