Old Search Queries Report Now Dropped from Google Search Console

Old Search Queries Report Now Dropped from Google Search Console

Google has removed the Search Queries report from the Google Search Console (formally Google Webmaster Tools) replacing it with the Search Analytics report. Along with renaming Google Webmaster Tools as Google Search Console in a bid to more accurately reflect the user base, Google has also listened to feedback from customers that demanded more information than existing reports provided.

Found in the Google Search Console dashboard within the search traffic tab, the Search Analytics report has been created using different formulae that enable you to get a more accurate picture of your traffic.

What has changed in the Search Console?

The old report provided you with a basic overview including keyword rankings, click through rates (CTR's) and number of impressions. Using these, you could gain some insight into what was and what wasn't working on your website and make any small changes necessary.

This information is absolutely still available, but there are now many additional features, which will allow you to take your business to the next level. For example, the new report allows you to breakdown how much of your traffic comes from mobile or desktop sites. It also allows you to compare different countries metrics and also set time frames on your reports. Basically, there is now no end to the way in which you can segment data.

What can you use the Search Analytics report for?

Search by Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are becoming increasingly important in the world with more people using them for daily tasks such as shopping, paying for products and booking tickets. Therefore, it makes sense that you would want to know how you are performing on this device. The new Search Analytics report can provide you with information on the percentage of traffic coming from mobile devices and then of that traffic that keywords are performing the best. With this information, you can then tailor your mobile device advertising campaigns accordingly.


Search by Date

Google constantly changes its algorithms, (read up on Google's update relating to mobile searches) and this can have both positive and negative effects on traffic to your site. Previously, there has only been a gut feeling to go with on whether you have benefited or been penalised by the changes. Now, with the ability to look at data in time segments you can finally confirm whether your instinct is correct or not. You can do this by comparing traffic prior to and after the change in time segments. This allows you to adapt your site, campaigns and content to the new algorithm before competitors capitalise.


Search by Country

You can also use the Search Analytics report to see which countries have the highest amount of people searching for any services or products that are related to your business. With this information, you can target marketing campaigns at the appropriate countries. It may even help you identify markets where you previously didn’t know they existed.


Above are just some of the ways in which the new Search Analytics report can be used to benefit you and your business. Head over to your Google Search Console now to have a play and open up a world of opportunity.  

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Old Search Queries Report Now Dropped from Google Search Console
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Old Search Queries Report Now Dropped from Google Search Console
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