A new lead generation site is born!

Getyourcscscard.com, a temporary lead generation website within the construction industry is the latest client to receive the benefits of increased statistics via the services of Kent based digital agency, Whitefish Marketing. 

With top level PPC campaign figures indicating a CTR of 11.88%, an onsite unique lead conversion rate also in excess of 11% and a cost-per-lead-to-revenue calculation at just 0.2%, these figures are highly commendable.

Marketing director commends the new website

Marketing Director, Chris Surridge talked a little more about the new system in place:
"We sat down with the client at length, took stock of the changes in their industry with specific focus on the new legislation requirements which would ultimately affect his customers, and we strategised a new approach to target those end users based on said changes. The strategy proved to be fruitful and the risk of adopting a different approach to the conventional, paid off. 

In our company, we don't just want to do what the next team down the road is doing. All agencies could simply replicate one another, and then it's just a salesman's battle to pitch the best speech to win the contract. Rather, we truly want to be different, and operate in a class which focuses on delivering performance over promises."

Getyourcscscard.com was one of the first clients to trial the new lead generation service which Whitefish Marketing now provide. The trial, although already proven to be highly successful, has helped identify areas for yet more increased performance uplift. 

Chris Surridge continued to say:
"Our lead generation service is about delivery enquiries and potential customers to the client. It's an evolving process, and the performance data analysed from getyourcscscard.com, whilst is reportedly positive, show me that we still have scope for further improvement. I intend to continuously adapt our lead generation platform so we can deploy best practice principles, for our clients' interests, on an ongoing basis."

Deliver greater marketing results with Whitefish Marketing

Whitefish Marketing is a Kent digital marketing agency working out of The Workshop building, in Folkestone - a purpose built office deemed as a digital hub in the community. Their specialist services include search engine marketing, conversion rate optimisation, and bespoke web development.

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