Mythbusting:  Content marketing is just a fad

There are those among us who would discourage businesses from investing in content with claims that it will be short lived. Soon, another technology will come along and revolutionise the world of marketing, negating content and sending creatives back to the obscurity in which they belong.

The obvious counter to this is that the internet is basically nothing without content. It’s the single most important part of your website. Sure, you can have a pretty design and a lovely top navigation bar, but without words, images and videos that explain who you are, what you do and why everyone should buy your products, no-one is going to buy into your brand. Rich content is paramount.

There has always been content

Am I wrong? Of course not. There’s barely anything you can’t find on the internet these days, from gluten-free bread to your future husband. Content, and indeed content marketing, has been around forever, it’s just that the specific term has only been in general use for a couple of years. Brands have been using content to convey messages for years; it pervades every single aspect of marketing from the text on PPC ads and email campaigns, to image and sharing via social media and showreels that display the highlights of a brand’s catalogue.

The difference is that now more marketers are putting more thought into this medium and how it’s tailored for individual audiences and channels. In the old days, we took educated guesses about who our customers were, and those with the resource painstakingly collected and analysed data in order to talk to their customers better. Now, there are companies out there who provide detailed data on both our existing and potential consumers, so that we may engage people who might never have heard of us with a targeted and relevant message.

Content marketing is about segmenting a database and tailoring different content for different types of people. It’s about having an overarching strategy with clear objectives: to attract more visitors to the website, to sell a particular product or service, or to inform and educate, and using different types of content in considered ways to achieve those goals.

Evolution of marketing

I've mentioned that the term "content marketing" is a relatively recent one. While it may well fade into the shadows within another two or three years, the practice will not fade with it. As I've already pointed out, it has been around for years, just evolved into something more specific with a name attached to it. As such, it will continue to evolve as technology evolves.

Indeed, as we progress, content is consumed in more and more ways – on mobiles, desktops, tablets and everything in between – so much so that responsive design is now a necessary part of web design for any business that is serious about reaching its customers wherever they are. As the demand for content in different formats develops, so shall the way in which it is marketed, to feed the needs of modern consumers who want to research, discover and enjoy anywhere and everywhere.

There’s no escaping the fact that content is essential for achieving marketing objectives and that content marketing will therefore be around in one guise or another regardless. With a growing need to satisfy consumer demands around the clock and in diverse environments, content marketing strategies will need to change and develop. They will need to incorporate current customer data in order to ensure messages are always relevant. Those that don’t risk losing the engagement of new and existing customers as their voices are lost among the proliferation of content from competitors. 

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Mythbusting the Idea that Content Marketing is Just a Fad
Article Name
Mythbusting the Idea that Content Marketing is Just a Fad
A common misconception is that Content Marketing is just the latest digital marketing term to hit our shores. But in reality it's been around the longest.

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