Marketing New Year’s Resolutions for your 2017 Digital Strategy

Digital Marketing for 2017

It’s that time of year again when New Year’s Resolutions for the forthcoming year are made with the best of intentions. They don’t just apply to personal objectives. If you work in online marketing, you’ll probably be thinking about making your marketing New Year’s resolutions for your 2017 digital strategy.

The Anti-New Year’s Resolution!

We’re used to the standard New Year’s resolutions…..slim down, get fit, quit smoking etc. We’ve taken these and reversed them to come up with some marketing New Year’s resolutions with a twist.

Marketing New Year’s Resolution 1 – Gain Weight!

No. We're not suggesting you over-eat your way through the year, although a good bacon sarnie is a fine way to kick off any marketing strategy meeting.

By weight, we mean content growth.

We refer to bulking out your site with more and more fresh content that is interesting and dynamic. There are several reasons for this.

The first is that by adding fresh content, you are giving Google more and more signals that your site is live. Fresh content means frequent indexing, which means that search engines will look at your site more regularly, which in turn may help your site to gain higher rankings.

Another reason is that more content provides more potential to land traffic on your site by the use of a variety of relevant keywords.

A small site for example, with 20 pages will only be able to drive traffic to those pages through the list of keywords it assigns to them. By splitting out more content onto new pages, additional keywords can be used to target more users.

The creation of regular blog pages is one way to target users looking for specific long tail keyword phrases.

Other additional pages could include help pages, FAQs, reviews and product tutorials.

Marketing New Year’s Resolution 2 – Develop a Habit!

Whist most are trying to kick their unsightly habits in the new year, we’re suggesting you go against the grain and develop one. No, we aren’t saying you need to sit there biting your nails as you work, although some marketing campaigns can be the cause of some serious nail biting moments as you eagerly await their proof of success.

We mean get into the habit of optimising your website on a continual basis. Don’t drop the ball. Optimise monthly, weekly, even daily! Optimise in a multitude of ways, including testing out different meta tag formations, submitting your sites to local directories (see our SEO service can help.

Marketing New Year’s Resolution 3 – Spend Money!

Whilst personal budgets may be frozen as you give yourself time to recover financially from the Christmas period, now is a great time to inject some of your marketing budget, to get 2017 off to a flying start.


Source: Titan

To get the best ROI, we recommend you divide your marketing activity time across three activities: earned media, paid media and owned media, and using your budget against as many of the paid media elements as possible. Elements include PPC, display ads and social media.

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