The Importance of Great Content for your Accountancy Firm

Accountancy websites are important when it comes to building relationships with existing customers and also for gaining new customers.

Accountancy content marketing is a method which can help you do this based on the content on your site. However, there are a few golden rules that should be followed to ensure the content is great. Content must be:

  1. Original for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO for accountants can help you rank higher in Google. This means, when a customer searches for “accountancy firm in Kent” for example, your company would appear near the top of the page. Not many people go beyond the first page of Google so getting on that page and then getting near the top of it is important for gaining new business and increased contacts.

Google rankings reward content that is deemed to be useful and original and punish the opposite.

  1. Written for your customers

Loads of content companies offer content for accountancy websites which can be provided at a click. However, if they are offering you this content, then they are offering everyone this content so the benefits may not be as anticipated.

The best type of content for an accountancy website is original content written specifically for your customers. Content which customers find useful and can resonate with is not only good for SEO purposes but for building relationships and winning new business also.

A way to determine what your customers will find useful is to think about the common queries you get asked on a daily basis and write about those topics.

  1. Helpful

Often, customers will only search for accounting related issues when they need something. Having a resources section on your site which holds information such as forms, timetables, tax calculators and key dates is useful for customers and enables you to make contact with them. For example, it may be that in exchange for these resources you might ask them to leave their contact details and hey presto, you have a new potential lead for the future.

  1. Regular and topical

Blogging regularly is a good way of connecting with current and potential customers. It’s beneficial for SEO optimisation but also for establishing you as an expert your field.

Topical news pieces are also useful. For example, when the budget is released many clients wonder what it means for them so if you provide content then which sets out what it means, that will be useful for them.

  1. Customised for different platforms

An individual may view content on three devices (or more) in a day. They may view content on their laptop before work, on a mobile on the way to work and on a desktop at work. Optimising your website to show content on all platforms can be powerful for example connecting with your mobile users through social media.

Accountancy content marketing is increasingly important for accounting firms. Having unique content on your site can be powerful in terms of SEO optimisation and for building relationships.

We know it can be time-consuming to write original content yourself so we offer a service where our professional writers can do it for you. To find out more, get in touch by either calling us on 01303 720 288, emailing us on or completing our quick and easy online contact form.



About Chris Surridge

Chris Surridge is an experienced Digital Marketing Director with a wealth of knowledge on Search Marketing Strategies and Conversion Analysis. His value is in strategic planning for client accounts, and his consultative services.