Common Practice to create Intra-Company SEO Links

It is common place for large companies who have multiple holdings or sub divisions to intra-link from one website to another.  This is good practice in the sense that it:

1- Creates synergy between the businesses
2- Shows scope and diversity of the umbrella company
3- Instills trust with the viewer of dealer with a larger corporation (akin to kitemarks)
4- Potential for SEO benefits (discussed later in this post)


The main things to consider however is HOW you create these links, and the set-up from a technical SEO point of view. The key areas of consideration here are:

  1. External or Internal links
  2. Anchor text or image link
  3. Server hosting

External or Internal Links

To some degree this may be teaching regular SEOers how to suck eggs.  That is obviously not our intention, but we need to cover the basics.

Firstly you need to ascertain if the company set up is truly separate or in fact residing on the same domain address but simply using visual techniques to make it look like they are two separate companies. (some business owners may have created their business "home pages" to look different, but don't realise they are actually just a sub category of the main group site) 

Have I just confused you with a baffling explanation?  Have a look at the URL structures for a clearer understanding.

i.e. if your 2 business home pages have this following URL structure... and

...then it means they are in fact residing on the same website, on the same server, and the 2 companies are just a sub category. 

This is not a bad thing - there are a number of occasions where this set up is in fact the preferred option. e.g. if the 2 businesses are in the same sector, or have vertical/horizontal connections with each other.

However, if they URLs for the 2 company "home pages" follow this format... and

... then they are residing on different domains are treated as two completely separate entities.

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