Improving Client Retention with Email Marketing 

Email marketing can easily be utilized to improve client retention for pretty much any field, especially the application for  accountancy firms. By taking advantage of everything that email marketing has to offer, you can find out how to utilize direct digital marketing to increase future sales, both for new and existing clients.

1. Voice Value:

The most important tip is giving value to everything you send via email. Provide quality information, share a stance you think is valuable that the majority will agree with, and voice value in everything you give to them. In fact, when you share a stance that your viewers agree with, they're more likely to build a strong relationship with your brand or company. Clients love being able to share a similar viewpoint or opinion, so give them what they love.

2. Use Keywords and Power Words:  

When carrying out an email marketing campaign for your accountancy firm, you need to first hook in the reader using the subject line, then continue the message along the same lines. Use keywords that clients love to hear. For example, "free," "instantly," "help for your business," and other power words and phrases like that are useful when trying to get a reader's attention via email.

3. Stay on a Schedule

Not keeping a regularly scheduled email marketing timetable can greatly decrease your campaign efficiency. You want to keep your brand in your client's mind as often as possible. This is especially important for customers who may not interact with you on a regular basis.  Having a timetable with regular intervals for email delivery will help - but a word of caution:  Make sure you don't bombard your clients too often.  They will unsubscribe!

4. Promote time sensitive offers

Email marketing is a handy tool for accountants when they need to promote key services or time sensitive matters.  E.g. You could offer your clients a 10% reduction on costs if they carry out their Self Assessment Tax Returns in Nov or Dec, instead of waiting until the rush of January.  Or when tax changes occur in April, there may be time sensitive matters which need promoting.  Send that promotion to clients in a way that will make them think it was designed for them. Give them a reason to try out your new service. Celebrating your loyal customers and providing time sensitive promotions, discounts, or offers encourages current clients to refer a friend to you, so it can only be beneficial.

5. Keep your Clients Updated

Making sure your clients are in the know about upcoming legislation changes, current industry changes, and any other alterations or updates is a great way to retain them. It creates an excellent reason for clients to contact you, it shows you're up to date and knowledgeable about accountancy practices, and reiterates your firm's brand in their mind.

6. Sugarcoat and Celebrate

Instead of referring to loyal customers and existing clients as "paid members" or other generic phrases such as that, refer to them instead as something they actually want to hear. Call them "VIPs", "gold members", even just "valued loyal members", and watch your client retention improve visibly. Clients are more likely to sign up or remain existing, when they feel special about what they're labelled as -- it's as simple as that.

7. Personalize Everything

Another important tip is to make sure to personalize everything that you are marketing via email. Use your client's names regularly, and tailor a customer's experience to their particular set of needs as often as possible. Clients are more likely to be retained when they feel like they've had a personalized experience. Throw out the generic greeting and give your clients something to get excited about. Marketing for accountants as a whole is not an easy task, but fortunately, taking advantage of direct digital marketing is one of the easiest ways to improve client retention.

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Following the tips provided and taking digital marketing into your own hands will increase sales, improve customer relationships, and much more for your accountancy firm. Contact Whitefish Marketing in Folkestone, Kent on 01303 720 288 and let us show you what we can do to improve your email marketing and increase client retention levels for your accounting firm. (Other marketing services from Whitefish Marketing include:  SEO for Accountants, Websites for Accountants and Content Writing for Accountants)

How to utilise email marketing for improved client retention
Article Name
How to utilise email marketing for improved client retention
A guide for accountancy firms to improve client retention with utilising your email marketing correctly.

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