How to use effective Video Marketing

If you still have any doubts about the effectiveness and success of video marketing, now would be a good time to dispel them. Completely. Video marketing is an essential part of any comprehensive strategy, not least because it gets you one or two brownie points with Google.  But I like this saying:  “If a picture says a thousand words… image how much video says!”

According to Cisco video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic by 2017. “Yes, but that’s 2017”, you say, “What about now?” Now, YouTube is getting over one billion unique – unique – visitors every month. Do you really want to miss out on so much potential traffic?  (I can’t remember the exact statistic, but I believe YouTube is either the 3rd or 4th most visited website in the world.  The first two being Google, then Facebook… and Twitter taking up the remaining either before or after YouTube)

Video marketing is a great way to engage your audience, both on and off your website. There’s lots of research out there proving that video improves the user experience and increases their time spent on site (making it “sticky” for all those SEOs out there).  Done well, it’s an entertaining, engaging way to inform visitors about your products, services and company ethos.

Make it viral

Another aspect of video marketing, a much more delicate one that takes more thought, effort and expense to pull off successfully, is viral video. I have always argued that a video is never, in and of itself, viral and I hold to that. But you can inject qualities into a video and back it up with clever promotion to encourage people to share it, thus encouraging a viral effect.  It’s tricky (no doubt about it) but the risk can pay off massively if successful. 

It’s a popular choice with companies who aren’t afraid to think outside the box because a successful viral campaign will earn lots of natural backlinks from users who genuinely want to share the material. That’s always going to be good for your rankings. Once people follow the links, they’re then on your site, where they might find other videos of interest, or a product that that is useful to them. It’s not going to be every single new visitor, but the beauty of conversion metrics is that you can track activity and find out what your ROI is in terms of traffic and sales.

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How to be brilliant at video marketing

It’s not a dissimilar formula from other types of content marketing. You have to produce something that is useful, or funny, or stimulates an emotional response in some way. Simply answering your visitors’ burning questions is a good way to build up a following. Just look at Moz and their Whiteboard Friday. I’ve been watching Rand sharing his knowledge using only a whiteboard and some marker pens for years, as have many other SEOs and marketers, and my guess is that it’s done big things for their conversions. 

Video Production

Once you have your idea, get a professional company in to shoot it for you. Unless you’re specifically going for a homemade look, you’re best off getting pros in to think their way around how best to execute the video. No-one said this type of marketing is cheap, but if it gets results you’ll never look back.

Test your Video

Test your idea. Whether you do it before or after the shoot (before might be a good shout if budget is more at the shoestring end of the scale), pull in some people that fit your target demographic, even if it’s just your mates or your nan and her mates,  to see what they think. If you think your concept is hilarious but you don’t raise a laugh out of 20 people at the pitch, chances are you need to head back to the drawing board. Alternatively, you could shoot a rough version on your smartphone and upload it to a private YouTube page and invite a bunch of people to watch it and leave comments. Discussing the draft might give you some meaningful insights into your audience’s psyche and suggest a new approach that works better.

Hire an External Marketing Agency

If doing your video marketing in house still makes you nervous, you can always hire an external agency. Many marketing agencies now have the resource to deal with video and viral campaigns, so can provide both the creative and the production side of things.  All you need to do is give your input and feedback and let them handle the rest.


How to use effective Video Marketing
Article Name
How to use effective Video Marketing
How to use video effectively as another string to your marketing bow. Understand the elements and the make-up of what makes a good video, and why people will view then share it, is half the battle.

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