How to maximise your chances of conversion on contact forms

The contact form. Such a simple part of any website, yet so easy to get terribly wrong. It’s an unhappy truth that many businesses still seem to make mistakes with the basics, and the contact form is a fundamental tool for driving conversions. You simply cannot afford to get it wrong.

To help you ensure you have the best possible form on your pages, we’ve put together some top tips.

Make it SHOUT!

Hiding your contact form at the bottom of a page or in a sidebar that’s filled with rotating ads isn’t going to do much for business. Make sure your form stands out, by giving it a contrasting coloured background, or ensuring there’s a button that takes users to it somewhere above the page fold.

Assume your users are lazy

Normally we wouldn’t like to insult our users by assuming they are lazy, but in the case of contact forms it's the best approach. Make the form as short and as easy to fill out as possible, and don’t ask questions unless they’re completely necessary. Remember, this is only a first point of communication, so it’s not essential to capture a name, address, telephone number, email address etc. etc. etc. ...often a name, email address and space for their query will do.   Don't put up too many barriers to entry so early on.

Spam filtering

There are other ways these days to filter out robots than to insist on Captcha. This can prove frustrating if a user has to enter a code multiple times, so think about using other methods such as hidden fields to catch the robots out.


Similarly, make sure it’s not possible for users to submit incorrect information on a form. You can save yourself a lot of hassle by ensuring that, for example, the email field contains both an @ sign and a full stop, as every email address has these. If the field is mistyped or left empty, users prefer a friendly message to notify them.

Form Testing

It’s something of a blessing to marketers that split testing is easier to carry out than it was. That said, it’ll get you nowhere if you don’t take a structured approach. Plan your test properly, run it for a suitable period of time based on your volumes, and only test one thing at a time. Most importantly, remember to monitor how each variant is doing so you can utilise the best performing version.

Use Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) to increase efficiency

Whitefish Marketing is a Kent based web agency specialising in all aspects of digital marketing.  Part of our service is Conversion Rate Optimisation, where we test viewership activity on client websites, to see how we can enhance viewer engagement and ultimately increase the amount of enquiries being made.  Form testing is one such activity within CRO. 

Contact Whitefish Marketing today on 01303 720 288 for a further discussion of our services.


How to maximise your chances of conversion on contact forms
Article Name
How to maximise your chances of conversion on contact forms
Top tips on getting your contact forms right!

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